‘Cheer Live’ star James Thomas – Lives his truth with a lot of flak

'Cheer Live' star James Thomas - Lives his truth with a lot of flak

Saturday, July 16, 2022Originally published on June 29, 2022

What happens when the best cheerleading talent is combined into one show? “Cheer Live 2022” is a new arena show that will tour the country bringing together fan favorites from the country’s most successful cheerleading programs. The show was developed by 14-time national champion coach and best-selling author Monica Aldama and Andy Cosferent and directed by Pam Chu (“Dancing With The Stars,” New Kids On The Block, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”).

“Monica Aldama, one of the nation’s most successful athletic trainers, became an overnight sensation after starring in the Emmy Award-winning Netflix documentary series ‘Cheer,’ which chronicles her tremendous leadership role in building one of the nation’s most successful cheerleading programs,” according to the show’s website.

Featuring stars from 15-time national champion Navarro College, coached by Aldama, and Trinity Valley Community College, a rival cheerleading squad introduced in season two.

The cast stars James Thomas, who started Natalie’s Cheer & Tumble in 2015 in his hometown of New Castle, PA. He has since cheered for Navarro College, where he was the 2019 College National Champion and the 2022 Grand College National Champion, and now supports Texas Tech University. As a coach, he is a three-time NCA All-Star. Although James is passionate about all things cheer, his favorite parts of the routine are the jumps and dances.

EDGE spoke with James about how cheerleading has shaped his life and why you won’t find him cheering for an NFL team.

EDGE: Tell us a little about yourself

James Thomas: My name is James Thomas. I am from New Castle, Pennsylvania and have been cheerleading for about 10 years. I go to Texas Tech University. My hobbies are dancing and cheerleading.

EDGE: “Cheer Live” was created by Monica Aldama, one of the nation’s most successful track and field coaches. What is it like to be a part of his world?

James Thomas: To be honest, I feel like I’m being led by the best manager in the world. I look up to Monica so much. It’s crazy how much I look down on him. I soak up every moment I’m with him. His energy and his guidance are amazing. I am very grateful to live in his world.

EDGE: How did you get involved with “Cheer Live”?

James Thomas: I have two older brothers who were both football and basketball stars in high school. I always went to their games, but the cheerleaders fascinated me more than what my brothers did. I think I was in 4th grade when I started teaching myself how to reverse. Since then I have been possessed by cheer.

EDGE: What is the hardest thing about cheerleading?

James Thomas: The hardest part is the mental game. It can play with you. Some days you have these mental blocks where you don’t think you have the skills or strength to do it and it scares you because you don’t want to hurt yourself and more importantly one of your team members. You have to read your body and keep your mind clear of any doubts. This is the biggest challenge we face as cheerleaders.

EDGE: How has cheerleading shaped your life?

James Thomas: It saved my life in the best possible way. As a child, I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. Even by the time I got to high school graduation, I had no idea, but I knew I loved cheering and drumming. After graduation, I attended Navarro College. I thought I wanted to be a businessman. Then I found cheerleading and it helped me get everything I ever wanted after I figured it out. I tell people all the time to find what they love and that’s it.

EDGE: What you’re doing on the show seems pretty dangerous. Why is cheerleading not considered a sport?

James Thomas: When people think of cheerleading, they think of cheerleaders on the sidelines of a high school football game. What they see is the high-intensity competition that it is and can be. Many large 10- and 12-year-old schools have 2-year programs that have won national titles for cheer. For what we do, it should be a sport. I think we deserve it. We are more than pom-poms!

EDGE: What makes being a male cheerleader a big deal?

James Thomas: I feel like there’s something special about being a male teenager because you kind of have superpowers over other guys. They ask you how do you do it? How do you flip? I don’t understand how you do it. It looks so cool. I felt that in strength and agility we would simply encounter them. As a queer person, I think it also challenges their understanding of what masculinity looks like.

EDGE: Justine Lindsay, a black trans woman, will make her debut as a Carolina Panthers cheerleader this season. How amazing is that?

James Thomas: I hadn’t heard the news. It’s really amazing. At the end of the day, we all just want to be accepted for who we are. It really shouldn’t be a big deal anymore. We are who we are. Never apologize and live your truth. I do.

James Thomas: No, only because NFL cheer is different from me. They are more danceable. We all cheer differently, although both are very skilled. Also, the NFL is seasonal and at least with my cheerleading I can do it year round.

EDGE: What’s the best part about touring?

James Thomas: I saw and I am with all my friends. Usually we’re all on different teams, so it’s nice to be on the same team for once. The opportunity to share this experience and create a family is amazing. The fans are amazing too! The excitement they bring to the show really rises.

For the CHEER Live website and to purchase tickets to see Cheer Live 2022 on July 7th at Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston, follow this link.

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