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The Lenoir City High School cheering team, front row, from left, includes Catherine Fields, Kylee Trego, Caylie Adams, Ava Rogers, Kailyn Compton and Kacie Eddinger; second row, Myah Preciado, Lesli Garcia, Maddie Pickel, Tamara Lara, Tori Bean, Emma Lathum, Devon Moore, Alex Perlov and Harper Wiley; back row, Justice Curbow, Auburn Tilley, Bella Price, Eva Mizer, Brooklyn Rogers, Kadence Carr, Katy Stanley, Sypheria Bostic and Head Coach Brittany McDonald.

Loudon High School cheerleading team, front row, from left, includes KJ Osborn, Sydney Jett, Kadance Ferguson, Keylee Wallace and Adalyn Nanni; second row, Kara Ferguson, Tyla Fee, Kyndal Swain, Hadassah Feezell, Irene Martin Moreno and Jayden Cesare; back row, Serenity Rowe, Sophia Eller, Shaella Rollers, Shay Wilson and Sophie Cubberly.

The Greenback School cheering team, front row, from left, includes Makella Graves, Jennifer Jones, Lyza Risher, Chloe Murphy and Brenna Finger; back row, Jayme Follis, Ivy Blair, Hannah Bryant, Harley Titlow, Maddie Greene, Ellie Wynn, Landon Theisen and Kaci Herron.

What’s the hardest tumbling move in cheerleading?

What's the hardest tumbling move in cheerleading?

The North Panthers cheerleading team, front row, from left, includes Lily Kate Byard, Payton Porcella, Ella Shoemaker, Jaela Hasty, Zoee Nogosek, Blakelee Hodnett, Anna Kate Terry, Lexi Purdy and Aleiah Coaker; back row, Savannah Jarnagin, Kaya Johnson, Adriana Howell, Maylee Miller, Brylee Johnston, Jenna Bailey and Lexee McMillan. This may interest you : Eagles Cheerleader Kyle Tanguay is not your average rookie.

The Junior Redskins cheerleading squad, front row, from left, includes Story Styer, Lulu Bridges, Arianna Crawford, Jurnee Cox, Kynslee, Mariah Galyon and Emma Watson; back row, Jayhana Newman, Carlie Baum, Emme McCollister, Raleigh Stout, Saylor Denney, Valeria Zavala, Stella Rose and Felicity Miller.

What is the highest tumbling skill in cheer?

The Loudon County high school cheerleading teams are all excited for the start of the new football season. On the same subject : Red Helmet: Magic in Crafting.

  • The three teams have worked hard over the summer to perfect their craft, including by attending summer camps. Loudon and Greenback both came back with trophies, while the Lenoir City cheerleaders said they learned many new stunts to look forward to.
  • The Produnova (vault)
  • What is the hardest tumbling skill? Biles said the triple double, which consists of a three-twist double backflip, is “the toughest move in the world,” and according to the New York Times, the triple double is a skill only practiced on the men’s side up to this point became where they are still rare.
  • Tumble 5 is the most advanced tumble class that requires students to have correct full twisting layout… Tumble Level 5
  • fully standing.

Ferris High School cheerleaders cheer in the studio
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How do you cheer up an athlete?

Level 5 specialty pass. Read also : Is it time to rethink the rules of the N.F.L. Cheerleaders?.

  • Complete the BHS Double Full.
  • Standing 3 handsprings on the back to double full.
  • Punch at the front and round the back. hand spring full.
  • Below, we’ll go over several ways you can cheer up the athlete in your life when they’re dealing with an injury.
  • Keep taking them with you to practice. …
  • Sign her up for a course. …
  • Give them presents. …
  • Embrace family time. …

Lose yourself in books. …

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