Funeral for Macie Anne Hill: How Cheerleaders and Donny Osmond supported

About 1,000 cheerleaders lined a half-mile stretch along Fairfield Road in Layton on Saturday, waiting to pay their respects to a member of the cheerleading family.

Cheerleading squads of all levels came out to show their support for the family and friends of Macie Anne Hill, the 8-year-old cheerleader who died after a July 4th parade accident. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition after the crash at 175 S. Main in Kaysville. She later died of her injuries.

A group of cheerleaders from Mac’s All Star Cheer in Layton, a sister cheerleading organization to the Farmington organization Macie was involved in, were teary-eyed after the procession as they spoke about how the tragedy affected them.

They said it was wonderful to be part of a long line of cheerleaders and they felt like they were part of a big family.

“We’re all here for each other, whether we’re competing against each other in competitions or not. We all love each other, no matter where we’re cheering, who we’re cheering for, what level we’re at (or) how old we are ,” Londyn Isbell said.

Isbell, 17, is a cheerleader in Mac’s program, but she’s also a coach. She said her students are about the same age as Macy.

Mac’s All Star Cheerleaders Ariana Castillo, Malia Petty and Kloe Kendell hold a sign in honor of Macie Ann Hill during a funeral procession in Layton on Saturday. Hill was a young cheerleader who died from injuries sustained in an accident during the 4th of July parade.

“Not only are they like my kids because I coach them, but they’re all like our little sisters and they all look up to us, so it’s really crazy that it happened to someone so young. And it’s one big happy family, so the fact that this happened to one of us is really devastating,” Isbell said.

Inviting the cheerleaders

Inviting the cheerleaders

Jill Schofield, cheer coach at Fremont High School, said one of her student’s moms reached out to organize the event because the mom wanted to do something to help. Schofield said she has seen a community of fans come together many times when cheerleaders have died or been involved in accidents. See the article : Art at Your Feet lets artists create sidewalk art in Blissfield. She said things like this are dark and special and cheerleaders will never forget.

“There’s not a coach in the world that would sign up to help, you know, 30-plus teammates, kids, get through the death of a teammate. No one signs up for it and no one teaches you to do it. There is no manual,” Schofield said. “But one of the best things kids can do, any of us, is to serve, love or support.”

She hopes this demonstration will help Macie’s family see that they are loved, and that others who have experienced similar tragedies have been encouraged from the sidelines.

Schofield said it’s a small gesture to show someone cares.

Cheerleaders line up to honor Macie Ann Hill during her funeral procession Saturday in Layton. Hill was a young cheerleader who died from her injuries after being run over during a parade.

She said news of the tragedy spread quickly through her cheerleading squad and people wanted to help. They had such a great response to the original flyer inviting people to join that they changed the location to accommodate more people lining the street. The cheerleaders wanted to do something to help a fellow member of the cheerleading community.

“There’s something special about the heart of cheerleaders. I mean, everyone has cheerleaders in their lives — their parents, their friends, their neighbors… Not cheerleaders who wear wings, but cheerleaders who have a good heart,” Schofield said.

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Affect on the cheer community

Jalyn Linkletter and Sierra Tracy, cheer coaches for Mac’s All Star in Draper, said the cheer community is very strong and it was humbling to see the support of so many cheerleaders on Saturday. See the article : Vicksburg native Sanders selected for Falcons cheerleading team – The Vicksburg Post.

“It was really devastating to hear the news … we have so many 8-year-olds in our program that it could have been one of ours. So it was very close,” Tracy said.

Tracy said that teaching cheer is everything to her, that she has been doing it for about nine years and that the kids on her team are like her own kids.

Linkletter said this tragedy means a lot to families, coaches and kids. They found out about the support event on Wednesday and received many responses from their girlfriends and mothers who wanted to come. She said they organized group rides and about 100 of their girls came from all over the Salt Lake Valley.

Many groups raised their hands in salute as the funeral procession passed by.

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Macie’s funeral

Macie’s funeral was held Saturday afternoon at the Stake Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Kaysville. Read also : How big a jump will Jalen Hurts make in 2022? | Birds People. Girls in cheerleading outfits and bows from Maci’s team and their families filled many of the front rows at the funeral.

Macie’s grandparents, aunt and her father spoke at the funeral about Macie’s unique personality and how she added to their family after three older brothers. They also talked about how their faith and community support helps them through difficult times.

Her father, Mark Hill, spoke of how Macie had woken them up by spinning wheels and springs with her back in their room after slamming the door open. He said Macie’s heart was joy.

He said the support from the community, council and those close to him has been overwhelming.

“I am eternally grateful,” he said.

He said his daughter always wanted to be first and now she is first in heaven.

Donny Osmond, who was introduced as Macie’s friend, sang “To Where You Are” at the funeral. He explained that he met Macie when she and his older brother brought him a trophy after he won second place as a peacock on the TV show “The Masked Singer.”

“I walked away victorious when you gave it to me, and I thought how fitting that thought is for this moment, because we are all victors in our Heavenly Father’s plan of life … we are all victors and we can return to Him,” he said Osmond.

Cheerleaders line up to honor Macie Ann Hill during her funeral procession in Layton, Saturday, July 9, 2022. Hill was a young cheerleader who died from her injuries after being run over during a Fourth of July parade.

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