Letter: Save us cheerleading at the Winnapaug project

Letter: Save us cheerleading at the Winnapaug project

As a resident of Dunn’s Corners I have followed the public discussion regarding the major expansion of the Winnipaug Golf Course with great interest. The supporting characters paint a beautiful picture of no traffic on Shore Road, no 24/7 HVAC drone polluting the neighborhood, no flood lights all night, and no mention of how is the goal of the small independent group progressing. established environment. Oh, and somehow the resort’s multi-year construction project is just “down”.

Dunn’s Corners already has a five-lane expressway for tourists for the safety and convenience of residents. We are then told that the resort is another lemonade stand. Maybe the petitioner’s legal team is getting what they want, and the city officials certainly seem to be on their side, but spare us the happy ones. We actually live here and know a smelly fish when we smell it.

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