Orem school responds to threats made against cheerleaders

Orem school responds to threats made against cheerleaders

OREM, Utah — Officials at an Orem school say they have “addressed” a threat made against the cheerleading squad Tuesday night.

Through her phone, a Mountain View High School cheerleader was sent an altered photo of the team with a pentagram with the words “13 victims” and “Cheer is Evil” written on the photo, along with the letter “x” marked over some of the Girls.

According to a parent who contacted FOX 13, the school did not immediately respond to the cheerleaders’ parents when they asked if their children should stay home. The parent added that after not hearing from administrators, many parents keep their terrified students out of school.

However, in a letter sent to all parents on Wednesday, the school’s principal and assistant principal acknowledged the threat and said action had been taken.

“We are aware of the parties involved in the threat; and we have taken appropriate measures to ensure that your students are safe,” the letter read.

Principal Mike Ericksen and Assistant Principal Mickelle Bos said the school worked with cheerleading coach Amy Andrus and school police Sgt. David Call to investigate the threat.

“We take the safety of your students seriously. Regarding this issue, we can say with 100% certainty that we have addressed the threat and applied appropriate disciplinary action,” Ericksen said. “We cannot discuss the specifics of the matter as we value the privacy of all our students.”

The Alpine School District said the student responsible for the picture was identified after an investigation.

“After learning of the disturbing image, school administration and law enforcement began an investigation,” read a statement from the district to FOX 13. “The individual responsible has been identified and appropriate action is being taken. Student safety is our priority, and this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in the Alpine School District.

It is not known if the person or people who sent the photo are students or connected to the school in any way.

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