Rock Hill City Council Agrees To Support Resolution That Could Help Reverse Construction At Carolina Panthers HQ In Rock Hill

Rock Hill City Council Agrees To Support Resolution That Could Help Reverse Construction At Carolina Panthers HQ In Rock Hill

The Latest:

The Latest:

On March 28, the Rock Hill City Council unanimously supported York County Council’s resolution to help restart work on the Carolina Panthers project in Rock Hill, according to a news release. See the article : Kenya: Moraa becomes cheerleader for ‘great friend’ Korir after winning Maiden Diamond League trophy.

Read below for full details about the solution and the project.

Update (March 22, 2022):

The York County Council voted to approve a resolution to help restart work on the Carolina Panthers project in Rock Hill, according to a news release. Read also : Ex-Washington cheerleader says NFL is “using us and our anonymity to protect” the league by not releasing report.

For the past month, officials in York County say they have been working to find ways to keep the project moving forward. This comes as construction on the Panthers’ new team headquarters and practice facility in Rock Hill stalled and the team and city officials blamed each other for delays.

The resolution was passed on March 21 and requires no borrowing from any local government. Instead, it requires the Carolina Panthers to fund infrastructure up front to build the headquarters and practice facility, according to a news release.

York County says it will offer special source income credits to the Panthers, paying the Panthers back through tax credits. That means York County, the City of Rock Hill and the Rock Hill School District will generate additional tax revenue from the project, according to a news release.

In order for local governments to borrow funds, officials say additional tax credits were necessary for the project. However, this resolution greatly reduced tax credits on all future investments after the practice facility and headquarters, which should make these terms better for taxpayers in the long run, according to a news release.

County officials say they believe the project will be dead unless everyone who was involved in this resolution leaves. Just as important, officials say, construction of this transformative economic development project continues to provide jobs for the hundreds of men and women who work at the site daily.

The City of Rock Hill and the Carolina Panthers must agree to these terms before this plan can move forward.

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Original Story (Posted March 15, 2022):

ROCK HILL, SC – Rock Hill city leaders are firing back at the Carolina Panthers. To see also : Border Bowl X Cheerleading Tryouts.

Both sides continue to blame each other for a pause in construction at the team’s new headquarters and practice facility.

“There is absolutely no implication by the Panthers that the city did not do its best professionally,” Rock Hill Mayor John Gettys said during Monday night’s city council meeting.

Gettys broke his silence after the Panthers announced last week that construction had ended at the project site in Rock Hill.

Staff say the city missed infrastructure payments, the city insists that’s not true.

“Facts are fuzzy things. I’ll say it again, facts are fuzzy things,” Gettys said Monday night.

Rock Hill leaders argue the city couldn’t get $225 million in bonds because the team didn’t provide the detailed development plans needed to convince lenders.

City leaders also say they have refused to receive money in any way that could harm the city’s credit rating.

“Frankly, I hope those statements made last night don’t destroy this deal,” says York County Councilman William “Bump” Roddey.

Roddey says work is going on behind the scenes to find another way to get the $225 million needed.

But he says it’s time for city leaders to stop blaming the Panthers.

“These were very inflammatory statements directed at Tepper Sports & Entertainment, that they were basically lying about this measure,” says Rodey.

He says the city, county, and the Panthers are working toward an agreement.

“This deal has generative, transitional power coming to the city of Rock Hill. And we want that for our children, we want that for our grandchildren. But we can’t achieve it if the two parties are pulling in opposite directions,” says Roddey.

WCCB Charlotte contacted Tepper Sports & Entertainment, but a spokesperson says the company has no further comment beyond what it said last week.

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