See: Arkansas Cheer Leader Announced In NCAA Tournament

See: Arkansas Cheer Leader Announced In NCAA Tournament

GREENVILLE, SC – MARCH 17: Arkansas Razorbacks cheerleaders perform in the first round of the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Bon Secours Wellness Arena on March 17, 2017 in Greenville, South Carolina. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

A cheerleader from the University of Arkansas stole the show Saturday night.

During the Elite Eight game between Duke and Arkansas, a ball got stuck at the top of the table.

An Arkansas cheerleader helped retrieve the ball so the game could restart by standing on the shoulders of another cheerleader. It’s the second time cheerleaders have saved the day during a tournament game this year.

A video of the Arkansas cheerleader is going viral right now.

This is the second time a cheerleader has helped retrieve a basketball stuck on top of the backboard.

At the start of the tournament, Cassidy Cerny, an Indiana cheerleader, did the same thing.

Believe it or not, Cassidy landed a t-shirt deal for his efforts.

We’re sure the Arkansas cheerleader can find a way to cash in on her heroics during Saturday night’s Elite Eight.

College basketball fans sure love a good cheerleading story that saves the day:

“Arkansas cheerleaders seized this opportunity quickly,” tweeted KFC Barstool.

Who is the Arkansas cheerleader?

Who is the Arkansas cheerleader?

“And that’s how the Arkansas cheerleader secured a spot on The Bachelor,” wrote Karen Howell. This may interest you : O-Zone: cause and effect.

“That Arkansas cheerleader has to get her own NIL like the girl from Indiana did to rescue the ball from the backboard,” said Mike Harrington.

Does Arkansas cheer compete?

We hope the Arkansas cheerleader gets plenty of recognition. See the article : The Jacksonville native is headed to the NFL Pro Bowl. She deserves it.

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Does Arkansas cheer compete?

And I hope she can cash in on the NIL opportunities that will come in the next few days. This may interest you : Alabama A&M mourns death of cheerleader and biology graduate.

The cheerleader who saved the day is Isabella Shelley, a cheerleader for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

How do you become a Razorback cheerleader?

Was Arkansas Elite 8? In his third year, Musselman led the Razorbacks to the Elite Eight again, losing to the Duke Blue Devils. Arkansas finished the 2022 season with a 28-9 (.757) record and a 13-5 (.722) conference record.

  • None of our teams currently compete, although future competition is a possibility.
  • None of our teams currently compete, although future competition is a possibility.
  • Does the Razorback crowd compete? Razorback Spirit Squads will not compete nationally. We are also very grateful for the sports training program that offers two coaches and excellent service to our squads. A coach attends all cheerleading practices and both are available to team members in case of illness or for rehabilitation from an injury.
  • Candidates must submit the following:
  • ΓΆΒΆ Video test application. …

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