The Amazing Race 34 Odds – Are Derek & Claire A Good Bet?

The Amazing Race 34 Odds - Are Derek & Claire A Good Bet?

Season 34 of The Amazing Race will premiere on Wednesday, September 21. Accordingly, The Amazing Race 34 odds are available on all major entertainment betting sites.

There are plenty of exciting changes for fans of the popular CBS show to catch up on. Our The Amazing Race 34 betting preview aims to get you up to speed on all the changes and help you make money.

Not only is this the first season to start outside of the United States, but it’s also the first to not feature non-eliminator stages. Additionally, this is the first season since The Amazing Race 15 to feature 12 teams.

The cast of The Amazing Race 2022 includes former Big Brother contestants Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, former NFL coach Rex Ryan and former Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Quinton Peron. But who will cross the finish line first?

Before taking a closer look at The Amazing Race 34 odds, you need to know where to bet on the show.

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Keep reading our The Amazing Race 34 betting guide for the latest odds.

Odds to Win The Amazing Race Season 34

Odds to Win The Amazing Race Season 34

According to The Amazing Race 34 odds on Bovada, Derek and Claire are favored to win the $1 million grand prize. See the article : Spadaro: 12 questions to answer at the opening of Eagles Training Camp. Having appeared on last year’s Big Brother 23, the New Yorkers are no strangers to reality TV.

Aubrey and David are priced at +550, as are Marcus and Michael. In the bookies’ eyes, these teams are Derek and Claire’s biggest threats.

There are two teams with odds of +700. Glenda and Lumumba are a newlywed couple from Norcross, Georgia, while Luis and Michelle are an athletic duo from Miami, Florida.

The next five teams are priced at +1000. Punters will be hoping that Linton and Sharik, Quinton and Mattie, Astha and Nina, Emily and Molly, and Rich and Dom have what it takes to upset the odds on The Amazing Race Season 34.

As you can see, Abby and Will join Tim and Rex as bookie outsiders.

Thanks to Bovada, betting on The Amazing Race 34 is available to anyone who wants to bet on the show. If you like The Amazing Race 34 odds, it’s worth visiting Bovada now and getting your bets in early.

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Why Are Derek & Claire Favored to Win The Amazing Race 2022?

If you watched Big Brother 23, you’d know that Derek and Claire didn’t exactly hit it off at home. Read also : Meet the cast of The Amazing Race Season 34. However, they have since started dating and are now set to do another reality show together.

Derek is a 25-year-old from Baltimore working as a startup founder, while Claire is a 26-year-old AI engineer from Ohio. That being said, both of them have mostly appeared on TV screens in the last year.

In addition to his appearance on Big Brother, Derek appeared on the recent edition of The Challenge. He endured his fair share of grueling physical competitions on The Challenge, which could explain why bookies are hoping he does well on The Amazing Race.

Say hello to Derek and Claire! 👋🏽 This Big Brother couple from Los Angeles, CA is excited to work with each other instead of competing in the race.💜 #AmazingRace

By all accounts, the foundation of Derek and Claire’s team seems to be solid. Although The Amazing Race is a very different show to Big Brother, the pair should be able to transfer their strategic skills to the endurance-based show.

The teams will start in Munich, Germany, before traveling through Austria, France, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Spain and the United States. Have Derek and Claire got what it takes to complete the grueling ordeal? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Before we lock down The Amazing Race 34 predictions, we need to look at some other promising teams.

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Sleeper Picks to Bet on for The Amazing Race 34

This section of our The Amazing Race 34 betting preview examines a handful of teams that could beat the odds. See the article : PHOTOS: Detroit Lions in action during the preseason. While Derek and Claire are the bookies’ favourites, the following teams could go all the way if they play their cards right.

Marcus & Michael (+550)

In all honesty, I’m struggling to figure out why Marcus and Michael aren’t the bookies’ favorites to win The Amazing Race 34.

I mean, Marcus is an army tank commander, while Michael is an air force fighter pilot. You can’t qualify for these roles without being smart, physically fit and mentally strong – traits needed to win The Amazing Race.

Say hello to Marcus and Michael!👋🏽 These military brothers from Richmond Hill, GA and Alamogordo, NM look forward to using their brains and brawn to reach the finish line.🧠 #AmazingRace

The military brothers have traveled all over the world with their respective jobs, gaining a lot of experience along the way. Both are still in their thirties, meaning they are near the peak of their fitness.

All in all, Marcus and Michael seem like the complete team on several levels. They will be very hard to stop if they bring their A-game.

Luis & Michelle (+700)

Luis and Michelle are a married couple from Miami, Florida. Having seen their introduction video on The Amazing Race Twitter feed, I see them challenging for the top prize.

Both 34-year-olds have physically demanding jobs and are both in great shape. Luis is a (very muscular!) firefighter, while Michelle is a professional dancer with rapper/songwriter Pitbull.

As it stands, three teams have lower odds than Luis and Michelle. However, if the Miami duo gets off to a solid start to the race and justifies their spot on the show, their price will only drop as the race unfolds.

Quinton & Mattie (+1000)

Quinton and Mattie are former NFL cheerleaders for the Los Angeles Rams. Given their line of work, they should check all the boxes regarding the physical demands of The Amazing Race.

In 2019, Quinton and a colleague became the first male NFL cheerleaders to perform during the Super Bowl. The professional dancer and choreographer is no stranger to breaking boundaries in order to shine on The Amazing Race.

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The Amazing Race 34 Prediction and Betting Pick

We’ve come to the end of our The Amazing Race 34 betting guide. Now it’s time to answer one question: Who will win The Amazing Race Season 34?

The bookies favor Derek and Claire. However, my pick for The Amazing Race 2022 is Marcus and Michael. Having analyzed the cast, the military brothers seem to be the strongest team for many reasons.

Priced at +550, Marcus and Michael offer excellent betting value. Why wouldn’t you support an army tank commander and an air force fighter pilot to win?

Bovada’s odds for The Amazing Race 34 are generous across the board, so I recommend placing your bets with them. At the end of the day, there are many reasons why Bovada is a legitimate sportsbook.

Looking for more entertainment betting opportunities? If so, be sure to check out our The Voice season 22 and Dancing with the Stars season 31 betting guide below.

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