Camper: Day 14

Camper: Day 14

JACKSONVILLE – Jaguars 2022 training camp continued on Thursday but for the last time at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville Knight Sports Campus.

It was the 14th day of the first training camp led by head coach Doug Pederson, without any pads for an hour and a half of training. Every day during the camp, Jaguars Media members – Senior Correspondent Brian Sexton, Senior Reporter / Editor J.P. Shadrick and reporter / host Ashlyn Sullivan – will be sharing their observations.

Here are Thursday’s “camps”:

Brian Sexton, Senior Jaguar Correspondent …

Brian Sexton, Jaguars Senior Correspondent…

Brian Sexton, Jaguars Senior Correspondent…

There wasn’t much action during the last training session at the Jacksonville Episcopal School on Thursday. The team was working in shells before Saturday’s game against the Steelers and you can see the offensive is getting a bit of a drag to get back on track after Wednesday’s less than stellar training. You have to pass it to the defense who give hints that they combine and shoot all cylinders. This may interest you : How to watch ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team’ season 16 finale tonight with or without cable. Every summer this summer, they’ve been challenging Trevor Lawrence and Company, and that must help them prepare for the Washington Commanders and kick off the September 11 regular season. Two more days in the Atlanta sun after the Steelers, and these sessions will be crucial to Doug Pederson’s final evaluation of his line-up.

J.P. Shadrick, Senior Reporter / Jaguar Editor …

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J.P. Shadrick, Jaguars Senior Reporter/Editor …

There is a lot to focus on special teams units, but coordinator Heath Farwell said last week that the unit he watches most is punt protection. If this group fails, the excavation is blocked and the games change instantly. Also, if the Jaguars’ offensive gets stuck in the middle of the pitch, it’s safe to assume player Logan Cooke will leave the opposing team on the five-yard line. He did this over and over again on Thursday while the reporter’s units worked to shoot down the ball. Many times they didn’t even have to, because he was either resting in the five-yard line or bouncing off the track. I am also curious how much time Laviska Shenault Jr. This may interest you : Eagles cheerleaders appear to come to the team’s aid during a fight on the field. will receive this week both as a receiver and returning from punches / kicks. He may not be in the top three with Christian Kirk, Zay Jones, and Marvin Jones Jr. possibly in the lead, but there may be other roles for him in attack or in special teams. The only way to find out what a player can do with the ball in his hands: to lead him onto the playing court with the ball in his hands. When it comes out on Saturday in its first pre-season action this year, it can show us a lot.

Ashlyn Sullivan, Jaguar Team Reporter …

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Ashlyn Sullivan, Jaguars Team Reporter…

After a brutal day at camp on Wednesday, Thursday was a much lighter day as the Jaguars were saying goodbye to the Jacksonville Episcopal school. The team will now be gearing up for their third pre-season game against the Steelers on Saturday night and then travel to Atlanta for a joint training session with the Falcons next week. Lawrence and the offensive looked more in sync today, and the lack of shims certainly helped. See the article : Xbox Ultimate add-on sale includes Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and more. Lawrence had some nice graduations for the Zay Jones receiver, a daily trend in the training camp. Head coach Doug Pederson mentioned that the starters will enter the second quarter on Saturday and we can expect them to play more in this game than in any other pre-season match.

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