Center Grove native Colts Cheerleader Vanessa closes the final season of cheering at the Pro Bowl

Center Grove native Colts Cheerleader Vanessa closes the final season of cheering at the Pro Bowl

INDIANAPOLIS – Colts cheerleader Vanessa Wahl has been cheering on the sidelines of the Lucas Oil Stadium for five seasons.

Now Wahl, her pompoms and some of her own cheerleaders are in Las Vegas ahead of her performance at Sunday’s Pro Bowl.

Each year, one Colts cheerleader is selected to represent the organization during the match. This year, there are seven Colts players in the game, which is the highest number of any team this season.

While in Vegas, Wahl will be attending community events and visiting fans before the game.

This past season was Wahl’s final season with the team – she hardly took part in the audition following the death of her dad, Jason Mueller, in July 2021. Wahl described him as the “ultimate cheer dad” who was frequently at Colts and Wahl’s appearances with fellow Colts cheerleaders.

“I wasn’t in the mood to be the happiest person. My coaches sat me down, my boyfriend sat me down, and my family sat me down and everyone said, “You’re not done yet, you have one more year in you, we can just feel it,” said Wahl. “I entered this year just relying on my teammates to get through it. It was quite a difficult start to my season.

Wahl says her teammates helped her get through, and in December she was surprised by her mom and her team with a special news – she was voted Pro Bowl cheerleader.

“My dad was a huge fan of the Colts and was one of the reasons I wanted to audition for the Colts because he loved it so much,” said Wahl. “It meant a lot that my mother could be there right now and share it with me … but then tie my father into it as well.”

Mom, grandmother and former Wahl teammate will be in the stands on Sunday, watching the match and cheering for Wahl.

Provided Photo / Vanessa Wahl and Colts Cheer

Outside of the game, Wahl tells WRTV that he is looking forward to meeting the other cheerleaders and their shows.

“Lots of people say you are surrounded by the best of the best in each team and I’m excited to see what their character is and what their technical skills bring, what leadership skills they have … I am really excited to grow and take them individually and build relationships with them” – she said.

The Pro Bowl will be held on February 6 at 15:00 CET. EST on WRTV and ESPN.

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