Eytan Shander: What Jalen Reagor and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson had to say about Howie Roseman

Eytan Shander: What Jalen Reagor and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson had to say about Howie Roseman

The day of the cut provided some of the best insights into Howie Roseman, the difficulty of his job and how accuracy matters. All of this without having anything to do with anyone leaving the team, instead one of the smartest trades made this offseason to balance out the move that wasn’t made (yet).

That was finally done the next day, which seemed like an eternity of wondering if Jalen Reagor would be traded. We got the answer, yes, in Vikings.

So therein lies the problem with Howeie Roseman’s job, the looming extremes, followed by the usual “genius” or “fire” depending on the outcome. There’s little middle ground for Roseman to walk, not after winning a Super Bowl and setting the bar so high. Not after successfully navigating draft boards or finding a gem in free agency in what he did Tuesday.

So Roseman did what he was doing: right a wrong and give another young player a chance to succeed elsewhere. That’s more the Eagles way than keeping a guy for no reason. Keeping Reagor on this football team would be a travesty. The Eagles just released a preseason hype video and Zach Pascal was the third person seen. Do you think Reagor was not overtaken? A.J. Brown, Devonta Smith and Quez Watkins better not leave the field to justify someone else’s existence.

Reagor wasn’t even the best special teamer to match up with someone with more speed like Devon Allen, he’s just a first-round pick and the love of the front office. We saw the same thing with Andre Dillard, who is the next target on the blog. No good deed or positive service was being done to Reagor simply by keeping him. Even J.J. Arcega-Whiteside had a chance to miss again. Reagor deserved it too.

There was no justification for putting him in play with the current crop of receivers. We’ve seen special teams mistakes, and it’s not worth taking the risk for a playoff-bound team. This wasn’t fair to his teammates as they would carry an extra and unnecessary burden if he came in and messed up. It’s not the kind of thing that destroys a football team, but a lot of it was just a ridiculous draw that had to be cut.

Credit Roseman and the Eagles for making this move before the season. It had to be done and deserves praise because all parties can move on. They didn’t get much in return, but don’t use that as a negative.

The limited backfield options the Eagles received is market value for a bust receiver, even for a team like Minnesota that needed depth due to injury. What’s really amazing here is that Roseman reversed a process he’s mastered, arguably as well as anyone in the NFL right now. The Chauncey Gardner-Johnson trade completely illustrates Roseman at his best. Not many front desk staff can read and understand the room. The latter is about comprehension and figuring out how to make use of what you just read.

The trade was cheap for a player who has nothing wrong with his skills, rather contract talks broke down. Roseman understood that the Saints would have no choice but to part ways with a guy they weren’t paying and that the timing was late in the preseason.

The move works on so many levels, it’s like reaching the same game depending on the circumstances. It brings a player who is now suiting up to a team that wants him and will pay him, or give him a chance to earn money on the open market. Gardner-Johnson is an immediate fit in Philadelphia, be it team or fan base. He’s all over the place, loves to show off and talk trash, and he’ll have some fun celebrations lined up for this defense. He’s what we all crave (or so the cliché goes) in a Philadelphia athlete. The typical “I’m glad this guy is on our team not [insert other team]” player.

Ultimately, this move fills a safety need by moving CGJ from the nickel spot he played in New Orleans. This goes back to the possibility of making money, but it’s more money than he would have as any nickel cornerback.

This is not just a fund move made by the Eagles in late August. This is a perfect microcosm of why Roseman understands this team, the city and the connections between the two. The Eagles had to trade Reagor mostly out of desperation, which is fine, teams make personnel mistakes all the time. Most important over the past two days is the process Roseman has worked on in two ways: finding a gem on a team that is desperate to trade a player and recognizing when you are that team.

Cutting ties with a first-rounder isn’t easy, especially after just two seasons with the team. Recognizing a mistake was made and acting on that mistake is what keeps a team competitive.

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