Han Ji-hyun stuns as a rookie cheerleader in the upcoming rom-com Cheer Up!

Han Ji-hyun stuns as a rookie cheerleader in the upcoming rom-com Cheer Up!

Cheer Up!, SBS’s romantic comedy K-drama has dropped its new trailer and trailer. In the teaser trailer, Han Ji-hyun, the star of The Wind Blows, reveals a side of himself that has never been seen before on the small screen.

Han Ji-hyun is a fun and determined newcomer who brings joy and excitement wherever she goes. Also featured in the preview are Bae In-hyuk and Kim Hyun-jin, who share an interesting personality with Ji-hyun.

In the latest photo, Han Ji-hyun can be seen beaming like a fan. The poster shows the college cheerleaders on stage, full of youthful zeal and energy. The energy of the fans on the stage and the crowd of spectators below drew the attention of the audience.

Above all, the pose of the entertainer with his palm extended to the sky gives the impression that he is shouting, “Be happy!” to everyone, give a glimpse of a heart-pounding dream.

More about the upcoming drama Cheer Up!: Plot, cast and more

More about the upcoming drama Cheer Up!: Plot, cast and more

Cheer up! weaving stories of love, struggle and adventures of students who joined a cheer team with a rich history that was once an honor club. Read also : 5 easy little ways to become your own cheerleader and overcome life’s challenges. However, the cast is no longer the same and all its innovations are a thing of the past.

Han Ji-hyun will portray Do Hae-yi, a cheerleader for the Yonhee University cheer team named Theia. Do Hae-yi is a happy and charming person who inspires her environment. However, this high quality does not come from a dull and comfortable life. Hae-yi struggles with her own battles, many of which come from her family circumstances.

Opposite Han Ji-hyun is Bae In-hyuk. The star of My Roommate Is A Gumiho will portray the character Park Jung-woo. Jung-woo is Theia’s leader. Although he is loving at heart, this fact is still a mystery from many because he is often misunderstood.

Jin Sun-ho will be the second lead, his role will be played by the main character of Cheese In the Trap, Kim Hyun-jin. Jin Sun-ho comes from a wealthy family and his privilege and wealth are seen in every aspect of his life. He has always had a smooth and prosperous life with only a few struggles to worry about.

The movie for Cheer Up! it allows the audience to enter an upcoming love triangle between the three characters. While lead character Do Hae-yi is drawn to the group’s leader, Park Jung-woo, the teaser reveals that Jin Sun-ho has joined the team. just chasing after Do Hae-yi.

Cheer up! will premiere on October 3rd and air every Monday-Tuesday.

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