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The Florida State Cheerleading Team is a vital element to the life of football games, basketball games, volleyball games and other school events. Many who don’t know much about the sport may assume that all they do is cheer those games. However, cheer has its own season where they compete against other schools at the national level. FSU cheerleading currently holds the top five ranking in the country.

FSU has two cheerleading teams: a coed team and a women’s team. The two teams perform different skills based on the amount of people in a stunt group. In the women’s stunt groups, there are four people under a flyer, and in co-ed, there is one man under a flyer. As national seasons approach, select athletes are selected to represent Florida State at the Cheerleading Collegiate National Championships on the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Other sports differ from cheerleading because if a bad play happens there is time to recover, while cheerleading has one two and a half minute routine. The routine is worked on throughout the season to show in front of judges. Whatever happens in those two and a half minutes is what is judged and scored. Every year, FSU Cheerleaders compete at the UCA Collegiate National Championships against the best universities in the United States. Last year FSU competed in the small co-ed division, finishing fifth in the nation.

“This year we shoot first, and I believe we can do it,” said senior women’s team member Sydney Connolly. “Our biggest competition Western Kentucky University left the division, and with all our hard work, I know we can.”

Cheerleaders have had stereotypes surrounding the sport including negative sentiments such as, “Cheerleaders are not real athletes” or “Cheerleaders are not smart”, but these accusations are far from the truth. At Florida State members must maintain good academic standing with the university to participate in any events. In addition, each athlete must complete 15 hours of community service each semester. The team currently holds an impressive overall GPA of 3.6 collectively. Last semester 14 athletes made the Dean’s List, and five athletes made the President’s.

Cheerleaders require tremendous athletic strength and skill combining acrobatics, dance and stunting into a short two-minute routine. Cheerleading practices like any other division one sport on campus.

“On a practice day, we do weight training at 6:00 in the morning, where we lift weights for about 45 minutes before going into practice, which includes a run,” senior co-ed member Bubba Nelsons said. “After, we split up into our respective teams. The teams work on elite stunts including hand-in-hands, backflips, back springs, pyramids and baskets.”

These stunts require intense coordination and confidence making them the most difficult skills in the sport.

Game days take a lot of time and preparation to work out synchronicity and hitting skills. In total, there are 44 members who are part of the program, and only 12 participate in away games that are selected every week. The cheer team has an important role of crowd leading through entertaining stunts, cheers and tumbling. Their infectious love for their sport and other sports on campus make them extremely exciting to watch.

To be an FSU cheerleader, it is preferred that one have strong cheerleading skills, tumbling skills, a positive attitude and excellent time management skills to juggle all responsibilities. The team is currently looking to recruit more men for the team so they can be more competitive on the national stage. They hold a recruitment drive where interested cheerleaders attend a game and go to a clinic to meet the team.

“They don’t necessarily need to have a cheer experience, if they’re teachable and committed, then I’m all for it,” first-year head coach Cristina Gold said. “It shows that hard work trumps talent.”

Florida State’s cheerleading team has made a name for itself on and off the mat. They are committed to bringing light to the Florida State University community at games, events and service events. These athletes must juggle busy school schedules along with all the responsibilities that come with being an FSU cheerleader. They hope their hard work will pay off, and they can bring home the gold this year at the national championships.

Why do people say cheer is not a sport?

Why do people say cheer is not a sport?

The obvious athleticism and difficulty of competitive cheerleading aside, the activity is largely unregulated and disorganized because it is not recognized as a sport. See the article : Why it may be time to retire the NFL’s cheerleading squads. Nowadays, cheerleading is more of an industry than an organized athletic activity.

Is cheerleading a sport or not? But unlike football, cheerleading is not officially recognized as a sport – neither by the NCAA nor by US federal Title IX guidelines.

Why is cheer not considered a sport by the NCAA?

Cheerleading does not qualify as a sport, at least not in the eyes of the N. On the same subject : Cheerleaders are a big part of the game for this fan.C.A.A. and federal regulators, in part because some universities tried to circumvent gender equality rules by granting varsity status to cheer teams at the expense of conventionally competitive opportunities for women.

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Does University of Florida offer cheerleading scholarships?

Scholarships. The University Athletic Association, the Gatortown Gators and Mr. 2 Bits provides partial scholarships for both the Orange and Blue Teams at the end of each semester. To see also : Opinion | Now we see the wisdom of the Supreme Court’s “vulgar cheerleader” decision. These scholarships are awarded based on years of participation, scholastic achievement and financial need.

Do any colleges offer scholarships for cheerleaders? Many colleges provide scholarships of $500 and $1,000 per year to compensate cheerleaders for their participation on the team. And as the sport has evolved over the past few years, more cheer scholarships are becoming available at top programs in the country.

Does UCF give cheer scholarships?

The 32-member cheerleading squad at the University of Central Florida (UCF) also provides partial scholarships to some of its members. Sixteen of the 32 cheerleaders earn $1,000 to $2,000 scholarships each year.

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