A local cheerleading squad takes 3rd place at The Cheerleading Worlds

A local cheerleading squad takes 3rd place at The Cheerleading Worlds

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY) – A local special needs cheer squad will get another chance to show off their talents to the world in an upcoming competition April 23 – April 25.

In Ashwaubenon, the Fusion Athletics All-Star All-Abilities special needs cheerleading squad, Legacy, is the only competitive cheer skills team in Wisconsin. Not to mention, champions of their competitive division in 2021, which earned them a trip to Orlando, FL.

“It was fun because I forgot what it was like to be on a plane,” recalled Zoe Shephard, a Legacy cheerleader, next to her teammate Will Hundsrucker. “The funny thing was my friend Tara, she shook my hand so hard that after we left I was like ‘do I even have my hand?’ “

The Fusion Athletics All-Star special-needs cheerleading team won a first-place trophy at last year’s Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando. They are returning this year and the coaches say it will be even more memorable considering there were COVID-19 restrictions and smaller gatherings last year.

“It’s literally the highlight of my entire career,” shared Fusion Athletics owner Melissa Brauer. “Last year when I watched them, I looked like a lunatic who was just crying the whole time I missed my guts to turn off the iPad and stop the music because I was standing there crying. There is so much pride and joy in watching them find a place where they fit in. A home where they have friends and where they can just be regular kids and show off their talents.

The team of 12 includes cheerleaders with a range of abilities.

“We have a little bit of everything, from kids on the autism spectrum to Down syndrome to various birth defects,” Brauer explains. “We have an athlete who is hearing impaired, just a little bit of everything.”

While each brings something unique to the team, when they hit the floor and perform, coaches say they become a synchronized unit.

When asked what is fun about the cheer team, Alivia LaLuzerne, one of the team members said, “I like having friends.” A fitting response as she stood next to fellow cheerleaders Emersyn Johnson and Dixie Hoover.

“We’ve also made a really big effort to involve the kids that we have that have wheelchairs,” Legacy head coach Jen McCargar said. “To make sure they’re involved just as much as everyone else. So, we have a really unique way of stunting. That really involves them so that everybody participates.”

To learn more about the team and potentially a child ages 5 – 21 since registration is open, click here.

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