Bland County Football Cancellation Affects Boosters, Cheerleaders

Bland County Football Cancellation Affects Boosters, Cheerleaders

The premature end of the Bland County High School football program also resulted in a loss for the boosters’ concessions fundraiser and a hiatus for the cheerleading program.

“Our boosters are for the high school football program only,” said Sarah Pruett. “Cancellation of the season will definitely have a negative impact on funds for boosters. Groceries that have already been purchased for the concession will be sold to Little League for their upcoming home games and after prom for their concessions at Small snacks that have been purchased for the boys to eat as snacks for away games and pre-games will be distributed for the trunk or treated as community service giving back to the community that has given us so much. That way, there’s nothing to lose.”

“We did, however, invest in new Bears merchandise that we had planned to sell at home games,” Pruett added. “We will install and sell them during little league games on September 24 and 25.”

“We always give the boys an end of season gift, seniors and their parents a small gift to present at seniors night and provide scholarships to eligible seniors after graduation.

My worry is that if we can’t complete a season, businesses in the community will fail to sponsor us in the future, which will cut funding even further! Banners that were sponsored this year will remain in place during Little League Football and will also be put back in place for the football season and until graduation.

“Of course we are heartbroken that our season ended prematurely. We hope to rebuild and come back next year with a stronger family.

Due to the cancellation of the football season, the cheerleading season will be suspended until the basketball season.

“The girls were very sad and upset when they first learned that the football cheering was cancelled,” said cheerleader coach Brooke Hall. “My daughters loved going to cheer on our boys, and they took it as badly as the football players when they heard that the football season was over. The loss of the football program had an impact on my team from cheerleading. I had a few cheerleaders who came forward and said they weren’t sure if they wanted to keep cheering when basketball season started. The loss of the football program definitely had an impact on more than the football team.

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What is Nebraska’s football rating?

What is Nebraska's football rating?
RankingsFBS (overall)
Globally101 (133)
Power56 (56)
Offensive44 (44)
Defensive71 (74)

Who is Nebraska’s biggest football rival? The Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry erupted around 2010, when conference realignment limited the years they faced each other as the Cornhuskers departed for the Big Ten. To see also : A new year brings change for Diocese of Wilmington athletics as new coaches and athletic directors prepare to take the reins. The two programs have met a total of 87 times since 1912, including a streak of 71 consecutive years, and Oklahoma leads 46-38-3.

Is University of Nebraska good at football?

University of Nebraska Nebraska football has one of the richest championship traditions in college football history, winning five national championships. On the same subject : Kamu Grugier-Hill and Christian Kirksey announced live on Good Morning America that the Texans will outfit the Uvalde Coyotes football team with new uniforms this season.. The Huskers won back-to-back crowns in 1970 and 1971, before winning titles in 1994, 1995 and 1997.

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