Check out the photo gallery of Archbishop Hoban High’s dance team, the cheerleaders who help their team win on St. Ig

Check out the photo gallery of Archbishop Hoban High's dance team, the cheerleaders who help their team win on St. Ig

AKRON, Ohio — The second-ranked Archbishop Hoban Knights football team showed its power Friday (Sept. 16) when it overpowered the No. 5-ranked St. Ignatius Wildcats by a 28-7 score, led by running back Lamar Sperling’s 232 total yards.

Sperling, a University of Buffalo commit, rushed the ball 29 times for 149 yards and scored three touchdowns in the game at Dowed Field. Among his scores was an 83-yard catch and run for a touchdown. The Knights had a commanding 21-0 lead at halftime.

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What division is Hoban football?

After missing out on the state championship last season, the Knights hope to hoist the trophy again in 2022. Read also : 2021 Falcons cheerleaders preparation process underway.

Is Hoban Catholic? Hoban is a Catholic, co-educational high school sponsored by the Brothers of Holy Cross.

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What religion is an archbishop?

archbishop, in the Christian Church, a bishop who, in addition to his ordinary episcopal authority in his own diocese, usually has jurisdiction (but no superiority of order) over the other bishops of a province. See the article : Eagles cheerleaders ready to celebrate Draft Day with fans.

Is an Archbishop Catholic or Protestant? Archbishops are found in all traditional denominations of Eastern Christianity, including Eastern Orthodox Churches, Oriental Orthodox Churches, Eastern Catholic Churches, and others.

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