Dallas Goedert embraces the opportunity to be a TE1

Dallas Goedert embraces the opportunity to be a TE1

The first question from tight end Dallas Goedert when he sat down to meet the media in early June generated all kinds of thoughts, because everyone is kind of surprised by the same thing: What is the ceiling for you in 2022? .J. Brown join the party?

Goedert’s answer was straight from “this is how a veteran answers this kind of question,” but in it, well, there was a lot of hope.

“I just want to keep getting better every day. I think I can get better every day. I think there’s a lot I can improve and keep getting better, that’s a really exciting thing,” Goedert said. “I was able to learn, work on some things in OTAs (Organized Team Activities), get a few updates from the coaches and continue to use this time to get better and prepare for a big season this year.”

Goedert’s time since OTAs has been and continues to be busy – he’s moving into a new home (sorry, Avonte Maddox is not included in the plans) and working out with Lane Johnson at Johnson’s home workout facility. In addition, Goedert went to Tight Ends University, a camp that featured many of the best in the league and so, really, the job was never done.

And, of course, the “get better every day” mantra continues into the second season under Head Coach Nick Sirianni of Goedert.

“There is a lot to fix,” he said. “I think that will always be the case.”

He has the right path, and Goedert is also right to think that big things are in store for him and the Eagles offense. Brown, a physical, catch-and-run player, brings a new dimension to an offense that last season led the NFL in rushing and featured rookie wide receiver DeVonta Smith in the passing game. Goedert took the No.

As Training Camp approaches, Goedert is optimistic about what he sees from the offensive staff.

“We have a lot of good players,” he said. “It puts us in a good position at the beginning of the year.”

In 15 games last season, Goedert produced a career-high 830 receiving yards, fifth among tight ends in the entire league. It was an impressive step forward for Goedert, who had 56 receptions and four touchdowns. He’ll open Training Camp with the starters for the first time, so it’s natural to think that Goedert will have a chance to have a big chance in an offense that is, on paper, very stable and capable of creating good matchups across the board. .

That’s the idea – to win in different ways. And having a tight end like Goedert who can do it all — catch, run after catch, score touchdowns, block in the run game — is a big part of the offense’s brand.

“People are going to have to focus on A.J., focus on Smitty, focus on me, focus on Jalen (Hurts). We have a lot of good pieces and we have to keep building and growing and using each one to get better every day,” Goedert said. “That’s the mindset that’s not going to change for us.”

Goedert is a master in the tight end, so his leadership skills will also be important in 2022. He understands what lies ahead for the offense and for this football team: Another step forward after reaching the postseason in 2021.

“The goal is to always win the NFC East with speed,” he said. “I think it’s been like that every season I’ve been here.”

This year is different in many ways, of course, starting with the fact that Goedert is The Guy. So even if he’s not saying it out loud, you know he’s thinking it inside: Big things are ahead, and Goedert is spending every day working to make them happen.

Who did Dallas Goedert play for?

Who did Dallas Goedert play for?

What teams did Dallas Goedert play for? Dallas Clayton Goedert (/ ËÉ¡ÉdÉrt/ GOD-Ért; born January 3, 1995) is an American football tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at South Dakota State, and was drafted by the Eagles in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Read also : Photos: Meet Kirk Herbstreit’s wife, a former cheerleader.

How big is Dallas Goddard?

But the NFL finally got Goedert, thanks to the pastors who listened and the virus. On the same subject : Eagles, Bellwether District agree on many years. Now, the 6’5″ tight end over 6 feet unicycle is likely a first-round pick, and he’s ready to make Britton more than just a small blip on the map.

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