The Pine River-Backus teacher begins the process of reviving the cheerleading squad

The Pine River-Backus teacher begins the process of reviving the cheerleading squad

PINE RIVER – After perhaps a decade or more, Pine River-Backus School is working to bring its cheerleading team back to life.

Teacher Teresa Hamp made a proposal during a public comment at the regular school board meeting on Monday, September 12, asking board members to consider approving a new cheerleading team with her service as a coach.

As far as anyone can tell, the district hasn’t had a cheerleading team for maybe 10 or more years after the group merged with the dance team. Hamp said initial feedback indicated there were people interested and that companies in the area have shown interest in providing sponsorships.

Hamp said he would seek at least four members, with a goal of eight, but he has no plans to reject anyone if he received more. The estimated budget for coaching fees and other expenses would be $ 5,000, although that number may change as information becomes available.

Hamp proposed that this team cheer at all sporting events and provide school spirit posters and decorations even before the events. The uniforms would be purchased for the team and kept as school property for members to use as needed.

The board did not vote on the discussion, but it seemed to support the idea. Hamp was asked to find out how much interest there is among the students and to determine if starting a cheerleading team would attract participants from other sports. The team would be open to athletes of any gender in grades 9-12.

The September meeting, as always, was the time for the school board to approve a preliminary tax levy for the 2022 school year pays 2023. The tax reflects corrections made during the COVID-19 pandemic following changes to the inscriptions.

Business director Jolene Bengtson said schools are often asked to advance their budgets based on early enrollments, with adjustments made in subsequent years if the expected numbers don’t match reality. Those numbers didn’t match, thanks in part to COVID-19, so this tax is needed to reflect those corrections.

Membership is particularly influential on two sections of the fee – local optional income and long-term facility maintenance – as both are directly tied to membership.

Following the decline in enrollments due to COVID-19, the district is evaluating a maximum LOR of $ 693,652.30 and long-term facility maintenance of $ 139,564.71. This is a reduction of $ 124,045.95 and $ 39,697.29 respectively.

These and other changes result in a proposed withdrawal of $ 1,711,921.60, a reduction of $ 178,652.55 from the 2021 2022 salary tax of $ 1,890,574.15.

Traditionally, the Pine River-Backus school board chooses to certify the proposed maximum withdrawal in September, so the district is best prepared for any changes before the final withdrawal is adopted in December.

At that time, the board can reduce, but not increase, the preliminary levy. As per tradition, the board unanimously approved the maximum withdrawal on 12 September. The current enrollment in the district is 888 students.

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