End of waiting! Here is the Eagles schedule for 2022

2022 schedule of the Philadelphia Eagles

Week 1: Friday, August 12 vs. New York Jets at 7:30 PM

Week 2: Sunday, August 21 at Cleveland Browns at 1 PM

Week 3: Saturday, August 27 at Miami Dolphins at 7 PM

* All preseason games will be broadcast on NBC10 and SportsRadio 94WIP.

Week 1: Sunday, September 11 at Detroit Lions at 1 PM

Week 2: Monday, September 19 vs. Minnesota Vikings at 8:30 PM

Week 3: Sunday, September 25 at Washington Commanders at 1 PM

Week 4: Sunday, October 2 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at 1 PM

Week 5: Sunday, October 9 at Arizona Cardinals at 4:25 PM

Week 6: Sunday, October 16 vs. Dallas Cowboys at 8:20 PM

Week 8: Sunday, October 30 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers at 1 PM

Week 9: Thursday, November 3 at Houston Texans at 8:15 PM

Week 10: Monday, November 14 vs. Washington Commanders at 8:15 PM

Week 11: Sunday, November 20 at Indianapolis Colts at 1 PM

Week 12: Sunday, November 27 vs. Green Bay Packers at 8:20 PM

Week 13: Sunday, December 4 vs. Tennessee Titans at 1 PM

Week 14: Sunday, December 11 at New York Giants at 1 PM

Week 15: Sunday, December 18 at Chicago Bears at 1 PM

Week 16: Saturday, December 24 at Dallas Cowboys at 4:25 PM

Week 17: Sunday, January 1 vs. New Orleans Saints at 1 PM

Week 18: Saturday, January 7 or Sunday, January 8 vs. New York Giants, Time TBD

• Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro reviews the schedule

• Philadelphia will open the 2022 campaign against Detroit on the road, marking the team’s first game against the Lions on Kickoff Weekend. Additionally, the Eagles will begin the season with a road game for the third straight year, the team’s longest streak since 2011-13.

• Philadelphia’s five preseason games are the most in a season since 2018. Since 2000, the Eagles have appeared in the second most preseason games (94) in the NFL, behind Dallas (100).

• A national audience will also watch the Eagles-Cowboys game in Week 6 on Sunday Night Football. With the exception of the 2014 nationally televised Thanksgiving afternoon contest, the division’s opponents have been ranked well every season since the 2007 campaign.

• Philadelphia will not play back-to-back road games in the first 13 weeks of the season. Additionally, the Eagles will close out the year with a homecoming trip for the first time since 2017.

• Week 7 in Philadelphia marks the Eagles’ first bye since 2016 (Week 4).

How do I listen to the Eagles game on my iPhone?

  • iOS. Please follow the instructions. STEP 1: Download the Eagles app from the App Store.
  • STEP 2: Open the Eagles app.
  • STEP 3: Click on the radio icon located in the upper corner. NOTE: The radio may take a few seconds to activate before playing. Please make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or close to LTE.

Can I listen to an Eagles game on Alexa? USE ALEXA THINGS Or get ready for game day with Merrill Reese’s classic phone. See the article : 2022 Offseason recap: A look at the Eagles’ free agent additions. Just say, “Alexa, help the Philadelphia Eagles,” and race to the finish line!

Can I listen to the Eagles game online?

LISTEN: Online, Mobile, Radio Listen to the home telecast of every Eagles game all season. To see also : Social butterfly, scheduler, on-er challenge taker. Sign up for a free trial of NFL Game Pass.

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What NFL team has the most fans?

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What NFL teams have the least amount of fans?

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