“Freak!”: Shaquille O’Neal, who owns a $130 million yacht, was once verbally assaulted by a cheerleader

Shaquille O’Neal, who is widely considered one of the best centers in NBA history, faced verbal abuse in high school.

Shaquille O’Neal is, of course, a superstar. He is easily one of the most famous athletes in the entire world. While Stephen Currys and Kevin Durants are extremely famous in the NBA world, Shaq’s popularity far outstrips that space.

He is one of the most popular athletes. Period. There is no asterisk or condition attached to that statement. O’Neal is famous even among non-NBA fans.

As a TV and movie personality, Shaquille O’Neal has taken his brand to a whole other level. The reason is simple, you are as relevant as you are visible. And, of course, O’Neal is always visible.

Having acted in Grown Ups, Uncle Drew, and the Lego Movie, Shaq has been a part of some really big, commercially acclaimed productions.

Celebrating 30 years since the original 1992 release, the Shaq Attaq sneaker symbolizes how one man made his way to sports legend.

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Unlike in his adult years, O’Neal was not as admired as he is today. Its large size brought with it discrimination. In high school, O’Neal faced a lot of verbal abuse from his peers. In Shaq Uncut, the big man recalled one such incident.

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A cheerleader lashed out at Shaquille O’Neal for smiling

By high school, Shaq was already a force of nature. He was like no other. This may interest you : Best of the Cheerleaders | 40 photos from the first half of 2019. After all, there weren’t many 17-year-olds who were 7’1″ and could take the board apart.

But despite his undeniable gifts, not everyone appreciated or admired his skill and size. Instead, he faced discrimination for it.

In Shaq Uncut, Shaquille O’Neal recalled a high school game that left a deep impact on the giant. His high school coach had informed him of a rumor that was spreading through the crowd.

Upset, he revealed to Shaq that the referees thought they were about to witness the biggest upset in high school basketball.

Shaquille O’Neal remained focused, unaffected by the taunt. He instructed his teammates to pass the ball to him and then went on to dominate the game.

In his book, O’Neal revealed the motive for his assault:

“Shaquille O’Neal was tying his basketball shoes when Cole High School coach Dave Madura and his assistant Herb More approached him. Both men were agitated. Shaquille was told about a conversation they had with the referee moments before.

“We just heard the funniest thing,” the referee told Coach Madura. “Those guys from the Southside have just informed us that we are about to witness the biggest upset in high school basketball.”

O’Neal didn’t even look up. He just nodded. In truth, Shaq didn’t need any additional motivation. Minutes earlier he had walked into the gym, ducking under the door as a pretty young cheerleader smiled at him. When Shaq smiled back, his face twisted into a look of disgust. “Freak!””

Shaquille O’Neal finished that game with only 3 dunks. He rammed the ball so hard that by the third time it was deformed.

“The first time it went down, it grabbed the block, spun and jammed so hard the edge bent forward. When he grabbed it again, he hit it so hard that the edge tilted to the right. “By the third time it went under,” More recalled later, “the edge was like a roller coaster.” The biggest upset in high school basketball would have to wait another day.”

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