Joe Joyce loved cheerleading and trampoline jumping before he became a fearsome heavyweight boxer…

JOE JOYCE has confessed his love of extreme sports – while revealing he has a flexible side.

The Brit heavyweight used to enjoy springboard diving and cheerleading because, despite being 6ft 6in, he can “twist and turn” through the air.

As a youngster, Joyce (37) dreamed of Olympic glory in athletics.

But the multi-talented Juggernaut also tried his luck in other sports before switching to boxing.

Asked what he would do if he wasn’t a boxer, Joyce told SunSport: “I even considered springboard diving because I grew up at Putney Leisure Center and did a lot of things on the boards.

“I could do a lot of somersaults and different things, so I was interested in doing that.

“Maybe I could have done a thing with Tom Daley, what’s the duo thing? But maybe not I don’t know… I’m a tall guy.

“But I can twist and I can flip as well, and I liked things like cheerleading, somersaults and stuff like that.”

Joyce was a latecomer to boxing, taking up the sport in his early twenties and not turning pro until after his 31st birthday.

But as soon as he laced up his gloves and stepped onto the canvas, he knew it was the sport for him.


The Juggernaut added: “When I started boxing, I knew this was the sport I wanted to be in.

“I had the joy factor and I could see every game I was getting closer and closer to where I wanted to be.

“And all I had to do was keep winning my matches and I could see the route to the top. It was very clear that I was in the right place.”

Joyce achieved his Olympic dream not in athletics but in boxing, controversially being denied gold but winning silver at Rio 2016.

Six years on and Joyce now has the heavyweight title in his sights after brutally knocking out Joseph Parker last weekend.

As interim champion, he is in line for a shot at Oleksandr Usyk’s WBO belt, while WBC champion Tyson Fury has even hinted that he could LOSE to Joyce if the two Brits were to fight.

Both Usyk and Fury, as well as Anthony Joshua, are on Joyce’s wish list when he returns to the ring in spring 2023.

With one of the division’s elite looking for his next fight, it’s a good thing Juggernaut doesn’t mind taking the punishment that comes with being a professional boxer.

Joyce concluded: “I like extreme sports … and boxing to me is an extreme sport.

“It has the adrenaline, the excitement, there are a lot of fans.

“It’s fun to punch someone in the face…and I don’t mind getting punched in the face either as you can see.”

Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker was knocked out by Englishman Joe Joyce in the 11th round of their fight in Manchester this morning. Parker did his best to match Joyce’s aggression in the earlier rounds, but it was to no avail.

When was Joseph Parker’s last fight?

Parker’s last fight was a non-title rematch against British boxer Derek Chisora ​​on 18 December 2021. He won the match via 12 rounds UD. See the article : Stipe one of the top 30 cheerleaders | Sports | It has been 9 months and 2 days since this match.

How old is Joseph Parker?

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What belt does Joseph Parker hold?

Parker won the WBO belt when he defeated Andy Ruiz Jr back in 2016 and defended it twice before losing to Joshua in a unification bout. To see also : No sweatpants in public: inside the rules books for N.F.L. Cheerleader. Joyce’s promoter Frank Warren has been working hard to have the interim title activated for the fight against Parker.

Did Parker win the boxing match? However, it was Joyce who triumphed, finally breaking Parker’s resistance in the 11th round with a concussive left hook that sent the former WBO champion tumbling to the canvas in decisive fashion.

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