Sexual abuse allegations spread against the cheerleading industry

Allegations of abuse against cheerleaders reached the state of Tennessee on Monday in a case that deepens allegations of abuse at other major sports institutions.

A head coach molested boys in the Premier League, according to allegations in a federal lawsuit filed in Memphis that is similar to an earlier lawsuit filed against Rockstar Cheer in South Carolina.

In both cases, the attorneys said leaders at Varsity Spirit, which runs the tournament, and the American All Star Federation, the national governing body, failed to provide a safe environment for players.

The lawsuit, which was filed anonymously by two young men and a mother of one, alleges that a Premier League coach sent nude photos and videos of genitals and caused sexual harassment. would not have been accepted.

The coach has not been charged, and the Associated Press has not named him. USASF did not immediately respond to an email request for comment.

In a statement to the AP, Premier Athletics Knoxville West said it was “not improperly involved” in the lawsuit, which said most of the allegations occurred before the current ownership purchased the entire gym.

In a statement, Premier Athletics said it heard on June 26 from a player who reported receiving inappropriate images from a coach. According to the statement, the Prime Minister suspended the coach and immediately filed a report with local security officials and the USASF, none of which confirmed the complaint. The Premier fired the coach, according to the statement.

The Premier said he heard on September 18 from a player that another player had a “physical relationship” with the coach. After reporting the allegations to Homeland Security and the USASF, Prime Minister said, she did not contact the suspect’s family to avoid accusations of interfering with the investigation.

In a statement to the AP, Varsity Spirit said it was outraged that “the agency has taken advantage of cheerleading programs to exploit innocent children” and denied allegations that it allowed such abuse. conduct. Varsity Spirit added that it has never received any reports of alleged wrongdoing and has not owned Premier Sports or any other athletic facilities since August 2021.

Premier Sports received the reports at the end of May or June, but the coach continued to enter the gym since this month, according to the children in the case.

Even after the USASF added the coach to the list of disqualifiers, the boys alleged that he continued to participate in private lessons with young children on the campus of the gym. In a July message, the coach told one of the plaintiffs that the gym manager told him he would not be fired, according to the children in the lawsuit.

Also in July, USASF sent the coach a report informing him of the allegations. This week, the boys allege in the lawsuit, the coach worked at the camps set up by the Universal Cheerleaders Association, Varsity founder Jeff Webb, and was a Varsity representative.

The boys say in their lawsuit that USASF and Varsity are putting athletes at risk by failing to report misconduct to local law enforcement.

At a press conference Tuesday, attorneys for the plaintiffs said the “insular” system in the entertainment industry makes it difficult for athletes to report misconduct. These institutions, the lawyers say, have set up a system that is deliberate. The attorneys noted that local gyms must be USASF members to participate in Varsity competition.

“The varsity and the companies that provide the power have a gift that is sponsored behind these athletes,” said attorney Jessica Fickling. “The players and their families pay a lot of money to keep this game going. And for this money they are promised that they will be safe, that the places where they celebrate, exercise and compete, will be safe. However, these facilities are not well equipped to handle such allegations. “

Attorneys with the Strom Law Firm said Tuesday they are aware of other victims and are seeking to expedite the case. Lawyer Alexandra Benevento said the allegations were part of a “culture of cheerful excess.”

Bakari Sellers’ attorney also said he prepared documents this weekend for an unnamed federal agency. The case comes at the end of a month that has troubled families in the cheerleading industry after similar allegations from plaintiffs represented by the Strom Law Firm against prominent South Carolina coaches.

“This is not just something that happens in Greenville,” Sellers said. “This is not something that is happening in Knox County. This is something that is happening all over the country.”

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