Astros mascot, Orbit, delivers Nintendo Switch gaming systems to Texas Children’s Hospital while visiting patients

HOUSTON – Orbit, the Houston Astros mascot, and the Shooting Stars Cheerleaders visited patients at Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer and Hematology Center at the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

During his visit, Orbit delivered two Nintendo Switch gaming systems, sponsored by the Starlight Children’s Foundation and donated by the Major League Baseball and Astros.

By release, the gaming systems are custom made and portable. Patients can take the games to their hospital rooms, which will allow them to play safely even if they are not well enough to go to the Texas Children’s Hospital playroom.

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Houston, Orbit has landed… and in his green-and-orange suit is Richard Tapia, BS ’03. In September, La Alcalde brought you the story of Tapia’s bid to be named the next Astros mascot.

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