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ROME – North Star All Star Cheerleading needs a new home, and Founder/Director Lorrie Wallis is doing what she can to keep her business “central” in Rome.

Wallis recently contacted the Rome Area Chamber of Commerce and expressed their difficulties in finding a new location for North Star All Star Cheerleading as they are having to move out of their current facility at 218 S. James St. due to the sale of the building .

So Wallis and North Star All Stars are reaching out to the community to see if anyone owns a building in the Rome area or at least knows of a building to relocate to. She said they could even scale down to a 4,800 square foot building if needed.

“We’ve been here since 2007 and have been members of the Rome Chamber since then, and this is the first time we’ve asked for support,” Wallis said.

Because of their high-flying jumps and maneuvers, cheerleaders need a building not only with enough square feet but also with a high ceiling, Wallis explained. The current location is 6,000 square meters.

Currently, North Star All Star Cheerleading requires the following:

• A room/area with at least 16 feet ceiling height; 44 x 50 foot area (competition area size).

• A room/area with at least 10-12 feet ceiling height; 30′ x 50′ exercise/gymnastics area.

“The floors don’t have to be great because we have a spring floor that we cover with mats wall to wall,” Wallis said. “A pole barn or garage would be perfect, but we don’t have land to build on.”

North Star All Star Cheerleading is a nonprofit organization where programming coaches and hosts have full-time jobs, explained Wallis, a local real estate agent. As a nonprofit, Wallis said she’s on a budget when it comes to the hefty price she can pay for the rent, and some local owners of buildings that would meet her size and height requirements simply don’t want to subdivide their property that would help make rent more affordable.

She said a church would work as it would have enough open space with high ceilings or maybe a school gym.

“We all have full-time jobs and it’s something we do on the side, so we don’t have the time or money to make up the difference (in terms of cost),” she said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, North Star All Stars lost about 20 high school-age members, but now younger kids have started signing up and more are expected to help kickstart programming in the fall, Wallis said.

“We have kids and parents from three counties who make 5-7 teams annually, so a total of 55-75 kids,” Wallis said, adding that she wasn’t sure North Star All Stars could afford one Facility to buy or lease . “I’m willing to check it out and we’re willing to put some work into it to make it ‘our gym.'”

Cheerleaders are divided and taught into three distinct groups: North Star Seniors, North Star Juniors, and North Star Tiny/Mini Novas. Earlier this year, North Star All Stars had selected one of its teams – Power – to compete in one of the country’s most prestigious cheerleading competitions, the Summit Division II Championship, produced by Varsity All Star.

The Summit Division II Championship, previously held May 6-8 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort, is the end-of-season goal for many competitive All-Star teams.

Regarding the new facility, Wallis said they were considering locations in the New Hartford area, but the program prefers to stay in Rome when possible.

“Rome has been our home from the start and that’s where we want to stay,” said the coach. “Rome is actually central for all our members. We are also a community-focused organization and as we ask for help from the community in finding a new location, we would be very happy to volunteer and give back.”

Anyone who has or knows of a building that North Star All Star Cheerleading may relocate to should contact Lorrie Wallis at 314-245-2686, 315-334-2139 or email

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