Cheerleading: Westran earns division honors


The Westran High School cheerleading team earned first place at the Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association regional event on Saturday, September 24.

This was the Kansas City Regional event at Avila University, and the Hornets were ranked first in Class 1A Large.

Players from Cairo will compete in St. Louis Regional at Lindenwood University next week.

Westran cheer coach and cheerleader Shayla Beckfield noted that teams are judged on poles, pyramids and throws. Other factors are determined by falling, jumping, volume, energy level, crowd participation and dance moves.

“The process can be up to three minutes in length,” Beckfield told the Moberly Monitor-Index in an email.

Westran now advances to the Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association tournament, which will take place on December 10-11 in Springfield.

“These girls and the coaches have worked so hard on this practice since mid-July,” Beckfield added, “along with their other cheerleading side jobs.”

Westran cheerleaders perform at Hornet football and basketball games during that time.

The top girl, or flyer, is the one who is lifted and thrown into the air during the dance. They powerfully twist and flip in mid-air, putting confidence in their bases and spotters to hold them safely.

What happened Maddy Brum?

“Cheer” star Maddy Brum is on the road to recovery after being hit by a car on Tuesday. Brum shared on Instagram Thursday that he was hit by a car going 20 to 30 mph while crossing the street in Kansas City, Mo. This may interest you : Who will the Panthers starting quarterback in week 1?., with teammates and “best friends” Angel Rice, James “PeeWee” Thomas and Javon “Jay.” Kendrick.

Why is Maddy Brum in the hospital? The TV personality said he was hit by a car going 30mph, according to TMZ. Navarro College student Maddy – who posted the photo from her hospital bed – suffered cuts and bruises on her body. The Netflix star said she was traveling with her cheer team.

How did Maddy Brum get hit by a car?

Maddy was on the Cheer Live 2022 Tour and said she was crossing the street at an intersection with fellow cheerleaders Angel Rice, James Thomas and Javon “Jay” Kendrick when “a car turned around and plowed into me at 20-30 mph. This may interest you : Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank are among the nominees for the NFL Salute to Service Award.” “Unfortunately, I just left with bruises and sores on my body,” Maddy continued.

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What age should you start cheer at?

“I would say seven to eight years is a good time to start. In those years, they really know what they want. See the article : “Hamster & Gretel” Faces a Seriously Menacing Cheer Squad and a Less Than Menacing Villain – Stumbling before it happens can be a good thing, but competitive cheerleading should start at that age so that they don’t. Shame and I have that edge.

Can I start cheerleading at 15? It’s never too late to be a cheerleader! Check out the many tips on this blog to learn everything you need to know, from chants and cheers to important steps and moves and even falls and falls. Then, start preparing for the experiment!

What age is too late to start cheer?

In other words, you’re never too old to start cheerleading. Once you hit 18 years of age, you may not be able to be a part of All-Star Cheer, but you can start thinking about cheerleading in college. Many colleges offer cheerleading programs that you can participate in even if you have never done it before.

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