The community is helping support a Prosper cheerleader who suffered a brain injury during practice

Community helping support Prosper cheerleader who suffered brain injury during practice

The Prosper community is supporting Haylee Alexander, who was injured while training on the playground. Read also : Branford Youth Cheer ready for an eventful year.

PROSPER, Texas – The Prosper community is supporting a cheerleader who was injured during practice.

Haylee Alexander injured herself in the gym for fun.

A talented youngster is a cheerleader for a competitive cheer team and a local school team. The 15-year-old remains in the ICU in Plano.

There is an old saying in Prosper of “small town, big heart.”

That heart is reflected in the pink and turquoise ‘Haylee Strong’ signs posted in dozens of Prosper yards.

“Everybody is stepping up and people want and want to help right now,”¬†family friend Tatum Curry said.

Support continues to pour in for Alexander.

On Monday, August 22, Alexander was training at his competitive gym when he suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was rushed to the emergency room at Medical City Plano.

Alexander is also a cheerleader for Prosper’s JV cheer team.

Friends and teammates anxiously await any updates from the hospital, knowing there is a long road ahead.

“I take him to school every day, so the first day he didn’t get in the car we missed it,” family friend Mallory Roberts said.

But they also want Alexander’s family to know the community that is available for support.

“Haylee is the kind of girl you wish you had as your daughter and you hope your child has that kind of friendship in their life,” Roberts said. “For example, my daughter had surgery a few weeks ago. Haylee came and stayed with her all day and supported her. That’s what we want to do for them.”

Family friends said the youngster was a talented player, calling him a “cheerleberity.”

Her competitive cheer team was world champions last year, and she even made an appearance on America’s Got Talent.

The Prosper community is helping to sell ‘Haylee Strong’ t-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Alexander family.

“Talking to her mom, every time she sees a ribbon or a shirt, she knows Haylee is loved,” Roberts said. “People are thinking about him and praying for him, so that’s what we need.”

They already sold 1,400 shirts and raised $35,000 for the family.

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Prosper’s public has felt this pain before.

About a year ago, Prosper varsity cheerleader Makayla Noble was paralyzed in a freak accident.

Makayla’s family wrote on Instagram “it breaks our hearts to know another family in our city is going through this.”

“This is not a sprint. This is going to be a marathon,” Curry said.

Alexander’s support system is staying strong for the long road ahead.

“He’s always wanted to be happy in college,” Curry said. “And I have no doubt that he will achieve that goal.”

“Pray. Pray for Haylee and pray for her family,” Roberts said.

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