Wellesley Athlete of the Week: Cheerleading’s Abby Coleman

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Wellesley Athlete of the Week is made possible through the support of Deland’s sponsorship, Gibson Insurance. The family business has carried on this Wellesley tradition for over 30 years.

Athlete of the Week: Abby Coleman

Siblings: Older brother who was part of the WHS 2022 class. He is now at Penn State.

Pregame Song: “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore

Favorite pre-game meal: Baked Ziti

After consecutive years of COVID-19 restrictions that forced her to only play during home football games and attend cheering events virtually, Wellesley High School’s cheerleading squad is truly back. in action. Coach Odessa Sanchez and sophomore star Abby Coleman return to a “normal” year with high expectations…

Coleman occupies one of the most important positions in the team. As a flyer, she is catapulted into the air during stunts and is tasked with impressing the crowd.

Coach Sanchez describes Coleman not only as a “star of the team”, but also as a “hardworking person who inspires the rest of the team to work harder and push forward in every practice”. Sanchez also notes that last year “Coleman’s performances impressed team members, judges and even opposing cheer squads.”

Coleman has been passionate about cheer since 3rd grade when she supported her brother at his basketball games. Coleman officially clapped for 4 years, two of which were at WHS.

Sanchez notes that Coleman’s skills have come a long way as she consistently leads the cheer squad to “stunning performances.” Sanchez pointed out that joy is a sport that requires “hours and hours of work to prepare. You must be well trained in gymnastics and be an all-around athlete to be successful.

Sanchez further stressed the importance of mental toughness and preparation. “You have to know each role because you never know when you might have to step in and help resolve a situation,” she said.

Coleman’s talent combines hard work and dedication. This hard work comes from his role model, his mother.

“I look up to her because every day she pushes me to be the best and work my best,” she said.

Because of his work ethic, Coleman is a role model for his peers on and off the court.

Coleman and Sanchez are excited about the opportunities in the fall season. Their main goal is to have fun while achieving success as a group and proudly representing Wellesley.

Sanchez said: “As ambassadors for the school, it is important for us to provide a strong image of Wellesley and its sports. We pride ourselves on being fair, kind and hardworking competitors, and we hope to demonstrate that value for all of Wellesley.”

Although sportsmanship is a major value for the cheer squad, they strive to compete and win in competitions in addition to supporting the football team in their matches. Coleman loves to prepare for each event to showcase his skills. His pre-game ritual includes listening to Macklemore’s hits, especially “Can’t Hold Us,” to “get him in the zone.”

Coleman is an all-round student and athlete. She loves math and the sense of pride she feels after solving a problem correctly. Outside of school, she loves cooking, cooking and dancing. His specialty in the kitchen is baked ziti, a favorite pre-game meal.

Article written by John Battaglino, Bradford ‘24

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