‘You Chelsea c***’: How Arsenal fans reacted to The Shamen and ‘Spurs’ cheerleaders

Any outside investor or managing director who still believes that the Premier League can benefit from a half-time show, should immediately be forced to watch The Shamen’s unforgettable performance at Highbury during Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Manchester City.

The year is 1992 and Sky Sports are still trying to find what they have in the Premier League. Names were introduced to Premier League shirts, goalkeepers were no longer allowed to take feedback, but one of the most recognizable changes was the introduction of half-time performances to launch the ‘Monday Night Football’ format for the brand.

The 15-minute interval traditionally reserved for pie eating and necking beer concourse was suddenly accompanied by the sight and sound of old school dance legend Mr C belting out Ebeneezer Goode, while cheerleaders ‘The Sky Strikers’, apparently dressed in Tottenham colors, strutted around. pitch in unison. Let’s face it, performance drops exactly as expected.

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Mr. C, also known as Richard West, may have been accompanied by his group members and the best part of a dozen cheerleaders, but they still looked completely isolated and marooned in the middle of the Highbury pitch when the Gunners faced Manchester City on September 28. Each player did their utmost, but they are never going to sway an Arsenal fan base who may think the new Premier League changes are nothing more than “marketing b *******”.

Ebeneezer Goode may have topped the charts just a month earlier and the rave legend also performed his smash hit Move Any Mountain, but after murmurs of obvious confusion greeted his introduction, Arsenal fans began to drown out the music with his “Arsenal” song. This then very quickly gave way to the merciless song “who the f***ing hell are you” from the end of the hour.

Undeterred, Mr C, his band of cheerful Shamen musicians and a dozen odd Spurs cheerleaders just went on as usual. “Music please” the frontman ordered optimistically. Starting this brave concert with Ebenezer Goode will sound like the right call. After all, this is meant to be a tarasi song so it will always be used. True?

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Unfortunately, the 21,500 odd fans were not very welcoming. Despite the fact that young striker Ian Wright had scored what would become a crucial goal in Arsenal’s classic 1-0 victory after 19 minutes, they were not in favor of some acid houses.

When the music finally ended and the performers had to flee the pitch, Mr C was escorted out of the stadium, and presumably out of football, with a typical Arsenal farewell, as it was common knowledge. The DJ and rapper is a huge Chelsea fan.

“So funny,” West began in a tweet 16 years later. “Gooners shouting at me “You’re Chelsea c***” & I gave back a 2 finger salute leaving the pitch. Laughing & having our girls dancing in Spurs colors worked really really well. Ha ha ha ha hahahahaha.” Six months later, the Premier League, thankfully, abandoned the idea of ​​a half-time show.

Celebrating 30 years on Twitter, Mr C had the last laugh. “30 years ago today we did the ultimate trolling. Check out our dancers in the color of spurs.”

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