Around the 22nd: “We are in a good place…”

JACKSONVILLE – Ten days, he felt good.

And while work in the NFL is never done, Head Coach Doug Pederson on Thursday said he really likes Jaguar with the 2022 pre-season over and the regular season one and a half weeks away.

“I think we’re in a good place,” Pederson said.

Pederson, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 2016-2020, became head coach of Jaguar in February. He replaced Urban Meyer, and Pederson spoke during the offseason about rebuilding trust and culture.

“I think we understand our roster,” Pederson said Thursday after Jaguar’s final training of the week post-pre-season bye week. “I think we understood the type of people we had, added free agents and added draft picks. I also still believe that you are still in the process. I don’t think it’s the final product, by anyone. mean, now.

“We’re still working on a few things.”

Jaguar, after a 3-14 season, went 0-4 in the ’22 preseason but played both offensively and defensively as the starters played extensively in early defeats to the Cleveland Browns (Preseason Week 1) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (Preseason Sunday 2).

The only significant injury as pre-season ended was defensive midfielder Foley Fatukasi, who missed the pre-season final with a calf injury.

“I feel comfortable from the point of view that we are healthy going into the regular season, No. 1,” Pederson said. “That’s always a big thing when you start the year.”

Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence, No. 1 in the 2021 NFL Draft, completing 31 of 44 preseason passes for 323 yards and one goal without an intercept. The first team attack moved effectively on seven draws with one goal, four field goals and an unsuccessful attempt to score.

“I love where Trevor is,” Pederson said. “That’s a big part of this, the comfort level in the system. There is still some growth to be done. I love where he’s gone into this season of the year. He has a good grip on the offense and the personnel around him.

“He’s a smart guy and he took a lot of the cover we did. I’ll tell you this: Playing every game last year has helped him get to this point. You see the veteran in him, the leadership in him. , that way. You want to keep improving yourself.

“You don’t want to be a finished product in September. You want to be a finished product in January and February.”

Pederson said he also liked how the team as a whole had come together in the five weeks since the 2022 Training Camp began.

“It really shows the maturity and leadership of this football team,” Pederson said. Standing here today, you are happy with your team going into the regular season, but you still have a game to play and you still have a long way to go.”

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