Meet the NFL’s oldest cheerleader, who at 46 went on to cheer for the Bengals

Laura Vikmanis refused to let her age get in the way of her dream when she became an NFL cheerleader well past her 40s.

Vikmanis had long dreamed of dancing for the Cincinnati Bengals, but family life and her two children prevented her from doing so.

But after her divorce, the American looked for ways to boost her self-esteem and tried for the Bengals. After failing in the final cut in 2009, she joined the team the following year.

Now at the age of 54, Vikmanis is seen as the pioneer for women who still want to fulfill their dreams without age getting in their way.

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“I wondered what makes me feel good, and it’s been dancing. I’ve been dancing since I was three. I went to a football game and saw girls and I thought ‘I can do it!'” She told CBS in 2011. .

“I wondered if I was too old, but I looked at the girls and realized we can all bring something different to the table.

“I hope there is a person out there who is inspired by my story, who is not afraid that he will rule his life and that his self-esteem will be destroyed. You have to dream big or it won’t happen.”

Vikmanis even suggested that dancing made her a better mother to her two daughters, who also tried to be cheerleaders and now compete competitively.

Vikmanis was a member of the Bengal cheerleading squad until the age of 46 with Hollywood directors wanting to make a film about his incredible story.

This is yet to hit the big screen, but Vikmanis, who is now a dietician, wrote the book It’s Not About Pom-Poms. in 2012.

She remains a Bengals fan and a historic name in the NFL, even though her record was nearly beaten by Sharon Simmons.

Simmons was 55 in 2012 when she tried for the Dallas Cowboys but unfortunately she couldn’t make it to the team.

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