PHOTO: Tharptown Homecoming Court

Homecoming Court members are Kallie Perez, Jamie Harris, Adrianna Banderas, Katie Harrison, Kyndall Morgan, Kaitlyn Simmons, Brooke Borden and Kourtney Brown.

Adriana Banderas is the daughter of Jeremy and Christina Bailey. He is a band member and color guard. He plans to go to college and become a professional photographer.

Brooke Lynn Borden is the daughter of James and Jimmy Borden, Renee Weidrich and Jonie and Billy Gororth. He is the grandson of James C. Borden, Patty Borden, Cindi Shannon and Michael Shannon. He is a volunteer at the LaGrange fire department, and he plans to attend the NW-SCC for diagnostic imaging/radiology.

Kourtney Brown is the daughter of David and Cynthia Brown. His grandparents were Paul and Cindy Black and Raymond and Judy Brown. She is a university cheerleader and a member of the National Honor Society. She plans to attend UNA and become a pediatric nurse.

Jacelyn Harris is the daughter of Jason and Brooke Harris. His grandparents were Mike and Rhonda Wagnon, the late Ricky Tharp, Charlotte Clark, Judy Dozier, Roland Harris and Billy and Mary Thorn. He was a varsity cheerleader and a member of the football teams, the National Honor Society and the Spanish Club. He plans to become an elementary school teacher.

Katie Harrison is the daughter of Chris and Tricia Harrison. His grandparents are Bobby and Patsy Green; Shirley and the late Curtis Harrison; and Bobby Murray. She has been a university cheerleader for four years and is a member of the National Honor Society. After high school she plans to achieve a degree in neonatal nursing.

Kyndall Morgan is the daughter of Sara Isbell and Scott Isbell. His grandparents were Carolyn Coan, the late Ricky Rivers, Tim Isbell and Annette Isbell. She is a member of the softball, volleyball and basketball teams and the National Honor Society and is a varsity cheerleader. He plans to become a high school math teacher.

Kallie Perez is the daughter of Mary Perez. He is a member of the football and volleyball teams and THS Voices. He plans to go to college to become an ultrasound technician.

Kaitlyn Simmons is the daughter of Anthony and Amanda Simmons. He is the grandson of Randall and Mary Bennett and Hubert and Cheryl Simmons. He was an active member of his church’s youth group, a member of the university’s basketball and softball teams, a member of the National Honor Society and FCS. She plans to attend Wallace State Community College to become a certified occupational therapist assistant.

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