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“I am happy that UNO welcomes every student at any time in their life, and I am grateful that UNO welcomed me and helped me achieve my career goals.”

“I love that UNO is welcoming to any student at any time in their life, and I am grateful that UNO welcomed me and helped me reach my career goals.”

UNO Alumni Sue Violi, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO at Baxter Auto Group To see also : Polish leader Meghan Webster is ready to fly to Hawaii to march and perform in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade.

Sue Violi will be the first to tell you that she may not be ready to live as a student for the first time, but the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) is ready for her when the right time comes.

“I graduated in 2013 with a degree in general studies, so it was my second visit to UNO,” says Violi. “When I went to UNO after graduating high school, I got involved with cheerleading and thought, at that moment, that I wanted to be a teacher. I realized that I was not meant to teach.”

Violi left UNO and life happened, preventing him from returning to complete his title. He married and started a family. He started his career, often working in organizations or roles focused on connecting with the community. His career has included experiences with the Great Omaha Chamber, McCarthy Group, Omaha World-Herald, and Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority (MECA).

Once her eldest daughter was ready to graduate from high school, she rethought the idea of ​​graduating from college.

“I called an advisor—Katie Sup Rezac is the best there’s ever been—and she really helped me figure out what I’ve done in my career and how it could help me get the title,” he said. “We read my entire resume and, based on our conversations and what I see myself doing in the next five to 10 years, comes the [general studies] program.”

UNO and the College of Public Affairs and Community Service designed a study plan for Violi that builds on his career experience, past college credits, and future goals. Flexible course offerings helped her complete her degree while still working full time and raising three children.

Best of all: He found the course interesting and even knew some of the faculties from his past work in society.

“The professors are people I’ve worked with in different roles. The classes were relevant to me and, I hate to say this now, but they are so easy to do. I am definitely more engaged than I was when I was 18,” Violi said. “I am happy that UNO welcomes every student at any time in their life, and I am grateful that UNO welcomed me and helped me achieve my career goals.”

Since obtaining her title, Violi has completely embraced the Maverick Spirit. “As a former cheerleader, to me, the Maverick Spirit is the enthusiasm you can bring to your work, your role, your family, and your community,” she said.

In his recent role with MECA, he used community enthusiasm to promote The RiverFront, which consists of the newly opened Gene Leahy Mall, and Lewis & Clark Landing and Heartland of America Park He works to educate local businesses and community groups at The RiverFront, its progress, mission, and goals.

With the first phase of The RiverFront now open to the public, Violi has taken his Maverick Spirit to a new role with Baxter Auto. Wherever he goes, he knows that he stays connected to the Omaha community and, of course, the Maverick community.

“I would really encourage others to go to UNO because it accepted all and gave me a valuable education. They welcome you wherever you are in life, and then you become part of this community, part of the Maverick team, and you are strengthened and inspired by the Maverick Spirit wherever you go.”

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