Michael Pitre on Tyler Allgeier, Damien Williams and the nation’s Falcons running backs

There is a lot new in the Falcons running backroom. back Cordarrelle Patterson. Keith Smith the main defender. Qadree Ollison and Caleb Huntley are still around, pushing for roster spots.

Everything else, however, looks different than a year ago. Damien Williams has signed a one-year contract with the club. The Falcons drafted Tyler Allgeier in the fifth round. Avery Williams came over from the corner room.

Even position coach Michael Pitre is new to the team, joining Arthur Smith’s staff from Chicago.

The Falcons want to establish a tough, physical running game that can produce yards after contact and options in the running game with some versatile talents to get a crack in the lineup.

That’s why we met with Pitre during the offseason program, to get his thoughts on some of the guys who will be carrying the rock next season.

On running Tyler Allgeier’s pro day, and Pitre’s pre-draft evaluation of him

Her tape speaks for itself. He’s a tough, physical guy, a downhill runner who plays behind his pads. But what I thought was interesting about his pro day was that he would do some drills that maybe he wasn’t as comfortable with and see how he worked and prepared himself to do those drills . He asked them good questions. He showed a man who was serious about his craft. See the article : O-Zone: cause and effect. You can tell it’s important to him. He wants to do a really good job, and that’s all we’ve seen since he’s been here. It is locked. He has done a very good job learning the system and how to be a pro. For him, how he reacts once things get real (when pads go on and then when he’s facing live combat) will determine how he does.

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On Damien Williams

He has that experience. There aren’t many looks or things you can show him that he hasn’t experienced during his time in the league. He is a leader. He is extremely hard working. He is a good colleague who will motivate and push the group to the standards and expectations we are looking for. Read also : Richardson, Sjostedt cheered for the Patriots. He is a man who loves competition. He is a versatile talent with skills that will allow Arthur Smith and Dave Ragone to use him in creative ways. He is a weapon that can keep teams off balance.

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What he wants to see from RBs

Just compete and improve. That’s what we want to do in the first place. That’s what we want to do internally every day in practice. On the same subject : Manistee Middle High School Cheerleaders Make ‘Manistee Proud’. We also want to compete against the defense. And we want to see continuous improvement. If we do those things, we’ll be ready to go when the season starts.

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On Qadree Ollison

He is extremely intelligent. You can tell he’s been around the league for a few years. He understands defense very well. He understands this offense well. He is going to compete inside the room to imagine a role for himself and where he will fit in this season.

On Avery Williams’ transition to running back

“He is an extremely hard worker. I don’t know that you will find anyone who puts more into the scheme and knowing what all the 11 guys are doing. He is coachable, trying to get figure out how to make it better instead of asking if it was good. The transition is going well.”

On the toughest part of Williams’ position switch

When it is true, the pass protection feature. The physicality of it. With his return game experience, he shows natural vision. You are not too worried or worried about that. I think for any running back transitioning to the position, the pass protection piece is the hardest and always the hardest.

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