Dads bring it in in a daughter cheerleading contest

It’s bring your dad to work day for these cheerleaders.

These Utah dads were invited to compete in Cedar High School’s first ever “Cheer Dad Jump Off Competition” after the daughters’ coaches noticed that dads were their biggest supporters.

Coach Danielle Lasson and her assistant coach invented the tiebreaker as a way to engage dads and get them off the bench.

“It was so much fun to hear that the girls prepared their dads for the competition, and some even taught them all the techniques and moves to do a proper jump,” Lasson told USA Today.

The heartwarming video of the latest tiebreaker has now gone viral and garnered over a million views on TikTok.

Instead of just doing some jumping jacks or touching toes, the coaches had the dads do a rally routine, something their daughters do to get the crowd going.

Some parents came dressed to impress, pom poms and all, while others brought sheer talent.

“A lot of [people] were impressed that most of us could jump so well,” one of the parents said in the Good Morning America clip.

Although Vaughn Cottam, father of a freshman cheerleader, was crowned the winner, the parents were excited to participate.

“I knew we were going to be famous on TikTok at some point in our lives,” one of the dads joked.

The TikTok was shared more than 11,000 times and racked up more than 253,000 likes, while users voted for their favorite cheerleader in the comments.

“The white shirt did not come to compete, it came to win,” one person joked.

“White shirt & black dress pants has been training his whole life for that moment,” wrote another.

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