Pinterest’s top Halloween costumes for 2022 celebrate pop culture

October has officially arrived, which means it’s time to pop the candy corn, assemble the 12-foot skeleton lawn decor, carve some gourds, and, most importantly – pick out a Halloween costume. If your dusty costume box from the attic lacks inspiration, Pinterest is here to help: the visual discovery engine recently published data on the 10 trending costume ideas of 2022 from its platform for make sure your “fit is a conversation starter”.

Pop culture is the name of the game this spooky season, with costumes from “Stranger Things,” “Euphoria” and “Top Gun” earning spots on the list. Searches for costumes of music icons like Avril Lavigne and Elvis Presley are also on the rise, so whether you’re into millennium punk or classic rock ‘n roll, there’s a costume for you.

“Stranger Things” Costume Ideas – Search increased by 22X

Whether you’re a fan of the supernatural or just enjoy a classic 80’s vibe, Spirit Halloween has you covered. The superstore has a number of “Stranger Things”-inspired costumes and accessories, from Eleven’s retro romper to Hopper’s geometric shirt.

Elvis and Priscilla Costume Ideas – Search increased by 19X

Be a king for the night – a king of rock ‘n roll, that is. Transform yourself into the cultural icon of the 20th century with the Spirit Halloween Elvis costume. Just add sunglasses, shoes and Priscilla Presley to complete the look.

Patrick Bateman Costume Ideas – Search increased by 18X

“American Psycho” returns this Halloween season. Dress up as the creepy villain from the 1991 novel and 2000 film adaptation with this killer costume.

“Top Gun” Costume Ideas – Search increased by 6X

Whether you’re trying to look like Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell or Tom Cruise, this costume covers all the bases. This year hosted the latest rendition of the naval aviation action film. Maverick and Rooster are bound to be popular costumes this Halloween.

Anna Delvey Costume Ideas – Search increased by 5X

Become a scammer, artist and fashionista extraordinaire this Halloween by dressing up as the infamous “German heir”.

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas – Search increased by 4X

DC Comic’s alien villain has become a popular Halloween costume since the debut of “Suicide Squad” in 2016, and searches for Harley Quinn costumes have increased after 2020’s “Birds of Prey” and the 2021 reboot of “Suicide Squad” has hit the big screen. . Want the look of the Joker’s love interest? Check out Spirit Halloween for many interpretations of the costumes of this leading lady from the “Batman” series.

Avril Lavinge Costume Ideas – Search increased by 3X

Punk rock is alive! If albums like “Let Go” or “Under My Skin” evoke the nostalgia of the early 2000s, this costume is for you. Get an Avril-inspired outfit from Etsy to show that teenage punk wasn’t just a fad.

Dani from “Hocus Pocus” costume ideas – Search increased by 3X

What better way to celebrate the cult comedy-fantasy film “Hocus Pocus” than to dress up as the young protagonist of the original film? With the release of “Hocus Pocus 2” this year, Spirit Halloween has an entire line of costumes inspired by the beloved story.

Maddy and Cassie from “Euphoria” Costume Ideas – Search increased by 3X

HBO’s “Euphoria” made its mark on contemporary pop culture, starring Maddy and Cassie as the dynamic high school BFF duo. A dupe of Maddy’s signature cropped pants from the show’s first season can be found on Amazon and the girls’ cheerleading outfits.

Lord of the Rings Costume – Research increased by 2X

Indulge in “Lord of the Rings” folklore this Halloween with a costume that celebrates the enduring book and film series. This Gandolf costume from Amazon is sure to invoke magic and fantastic conversation at any spooky gathering.

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