Tania Tare is Trick-Shot Golf’s ‘Cheerleader’

By Steve Eubanks October 4, 2022

By Steve Eubanks   •   October 4, 2022

Whistler, BRITISH COLUMBIA | Don’t put her in with the others. Read also : First Take Travels to The Star in Frisco for the Dallas Cowboys’ Inaugural Blue Carpet and Season Kickoff. In the pantheon of golf social media influencers – an ever-expanding group of young people with cameras and Instagram accounts that range from Canadian bros posting travel content, to former college players hitting balls at Topgolf and then breaking into moves hip-hop dance – One young woman from New Zealand is growing the game with content and messages that appeal to all ages and demographics.

Her name is Tania Tare (pronounced TAR-a), and if you haven’t heard of her, it’s time to pay a quick visit to YouTube.

I first met Tania at a pro-am in the Bahamas with some LPGA Tour players and some internet celebrities. Unfortunately, the first looked side-eyed at the second, and not without reason. During the early days of the social media boom, which coincided with an identity crisis within traditional golf publishing, female golfers were gaining exposure for reasons that had little to do with golf. To c…

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