Taking a break from Gymnastics, Simone Biles Becomes the Official Leader of Jonathan Owens’ Houston Texans- “My Favorite Day is Sunday.

Simone Biles, the G.O.A.T of gymnastics, shows seriousness and dedication when it comes to mastering the sport or the subjects she advocates. It is fair to say, she tries tirelessly to do what is needed. Also, she follows a similar path in her personal life as well. The seven-time Olympic medalist is on an indefinite hiatus from elite gymnastics after withdrawing from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, her spirit and energy have not calmed down a bit.

NFL star Jonathan Owens and gymnastics icon Simone got engaged in February, earlier this year. Ever since Owens and Biles started dating, the gymnastics icon has been updating her romantic life on social media.

Whether it’s gushing over her fiance on his accomplishments or cheering for him from the sidelines, she’s proving to be the ultimate cheerleader. Recently, she posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that shows what her current interests are.

Simone Biles sports an iconic t-shirt

In a classic show of respect and support for her fiancé, Owens, Simone wore a custom jersey with her husband-to-be’s last name in bold letters at his recent match on October 3rd. On the same subject : Which “But I’m A Cheerleader” Character Are You Based On Your Sign?.

Her Instagram post includes a picture of her wearing a handmade sweater with a caption that reads, “My favorite day of the week: game day,” the day Owens, the Houston Texans safety, joined his team to face the Buffalo Bills.

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Owens gave his unwavering support

Her top looked like it was put together using scraps of different clothes. It read “Houston Texans” and Owens’ jersey number, 36, in red and white. Read also : Deep Breath: Read down to the Last OTA. On the back of the shirt is the number 36 again above Owens’ surname with white ties on each side. She paired the sweater with a pair of denim shorts, ivory boots, and a metal chain bracelet.

When Simone withdrew from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she received support from around the world for being honest about her condition and raising awareness of the importance of mental health. Owens, too, added his support in an Instagram post. He wrote, “Imma ride you through whatever baby.”

In addition, Owens said, “Your strength and courage are unmatched and you inspire me more and more everyday SB.” He said he tried to be her motivational factor whenever he felt she was getting down on herself.

It’s fair to say that apart from sharing similar interests with athletes, they also know the power of encouraging and being there for each other through thick and thin.

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