Meet ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34 Cheerleaders Mattie and Quinton

If there’s one thing we know about The Amazing Race, it’s that it’s anyone’s game. In Season 34 Episode 2, “Patience Is the New Me,” former Rams cheerleaders Mattie Lynch and Quinton Peron appeared to be at the end of their journey.

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Starting in Innsbruck, Austria, all teams reached their first Roadblock without a hitch – except Mattie and Quinton. The cheerleading duo’s navigation skills took them to the wrong spot – they thought they had to go to Munich – sending them straight to the last spot. However, the two somehow managed to speed up the deflection and ended up defeating former NFL coach Rex Ryan and his golf buddy Tim Mann at the final check-in.

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Coming in 10th, Mattie and Quinton were lucky. But with Season 34’s absence of non-elimination rounds, the former cheerleaders will need more than sheer luck to bring home the $1 million. Let’s take a look at Mattie and Quinton’s background to see if they have what it takes.

Mattie and Quinton are former NFL cheerleaders and current best friends

Mattie Lynch is a 27-year-old dance coach and fitness instructor from Vista, CA. To see also : Jaguars Falcons Football | National Sports | She attended college at Cal Poly Pomona and was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams for four years.

His best friend Quinton Peron was also a cheerleader for the Rams for three years and attended Mount San Antonio College. A 29-year-old choreographer from Pasadena, CA, Quinton made history as one of the first NFL male cheerleaders to perform during the Super Bowl in 2019.

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Do Mattie and Quinton win ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34?

Despite coming in at No. 10 in last week’s episode, Mattie and Quinton’s teamwork positions them as one of the top contenders for the million dollars. To see also : Band, cheerleaders welcome new students to the University of Kentucky. As the two are not romantically involved, they believe they have an edge over other teams when it comes to communication.

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However, it looks like we might see stress get the best of them in the next few episodes. “You know when you do good, everything is great,” Mattie told CBS 8, “but when you’re stressed, it’s hard to take it all in, let’s just leave it at that.”

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While we’re not sure if they’ll win, Quinton hinted that we’ll likely see his team go far. “I have gray hairs from it,” Quinton revealed. Maybe I’m coming, but we all know that the race only gets more stressful with time. Could this statement be an indicator? “I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Mattie interjected, “I had a great time.”

With Italy, France, Spain, Iceland and Jordan on the list of countries to race, the dancing duo have their work cut out for them this season. Bologna, Italy is the next stop in the race around the world. Will Mattie and Quinton have what it takes to lose their second-to-last status and emerge as The Amazing Race favorites?

Tune in to season 34 of The Amazing Race on Wednesdays at 10pm. ET on CBS to find out.

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