The Amazing Race 34 spoilers: Route details and order of elimination

The Amazing Race premieres tomorrow, but spoilers have already leaked online. Read on to find out where teams placed and traveled this season, including which teams made it to the Final 3.

Amazing Race 34 premieres tomorrow night, and I’ll be back to recap the season. However, the entire season has already been spoiled online. Before I post the spoilers, I should clarify that I didn’t get them myself. The race took place earlier this year, and several fans used live sightings on social media to track the contestants throughout the competition. Spoilers spread across the internet, and I’ll share them here as well. So, to reiterate, I take no credit for uncovering these spoilers and cannot verify that all of this information is true. This is simply what other fans on the web have agreed to be accurate.

Route Info

Final Stage: Nashville, TN, United States On the same subject : Accused cheerleader girlfriend killer arrested.

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Elimination Order

12th: Aastha & Nina (Promise) Read also : Bringing Out the Best: For 40 years, Beverly Richards has instilled joy and self-confidence in the studio ….

11th: Tim & Rex (golf buddies)

10th: Rich & Dom (motivational speakers)

9th: Abby & Will (Childhood Sweethearts)

8th: Glenda & Lumumba (Newlyweds) or Quinton & Mattie (Former NFL Cheerleader)

7th: Glenda & Lumumba (Newlyweds) or Quinton & Mattie (Former NFL Cheerleader)

6th: Linton & Sharik (father/daughter)

5th: Marcus & Michael (military brothers)

4th: Aubrey & David (ballroom dancers)

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Final 3

Derek & Claire (Big Brother Couple) This may interest you : HIGHLIGHTS | Every pass and run from Trevor Lawrence Preseason Week 1.

Emily & Molly (Lost Twins)

The winners cannot be confirmed, but sightings report that Derek & Claire was ahead of the other two teams during the final stage. So it’s possible that Derek & Claire won the race. If Derek & Claire did win the race, then they will be the second Big Brother team to win after Cody & Jessica won The Amazing Race 30.

Of course, the only way to find out if these spoilers are true is by watching the episodes. Tune in tomorrow night for the premiere of The Amazing Race 34 and read a live recap of the show here.

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