Dan Snyder: terrible NFL owner and possibly a worse man –

The newly named Washington Commanders are the equivalent of trash cans on the field, but they’re also a flaming dumpster off the field. The team’s problems can be traced all the way back to their owner, Daniel Snyder.

In 1999, Snyder led the buyout group that bought a majority stake in Commanders for $800 million. He and members of his family recently purchased the last remaining shares in the team for $875 million, giving the Snyder family full control of the organization. In Forbes’ most recent report on the value of every NFL team, they estimated the total value of the Commanders at $5.6 billion. Although recently hidden until now, everything seems to have gone downhill since Snyder took over the reins of this team.

The Washington Commanders had a few good seasons under Synder, but most of them ended up missing the playoffs. The fanbase is seemingly always at war with Synder. Many want him to sell the team and hate the changes, or lack thereof, he has made. In particular, there was controversy over the recent change in the commander’s name. Other potential names that were considered were the Red Wolves, the Generals and the Tuskegee Airmen, but none of them had the legs to become a new name.

The fan base saw the team’s product on the field and decided it was better to boycott the organization, resulting in the (then) Washington Football Team having the second worst attendance in the league last season, just ahead of the Detroit Lions. FedEx Field, home of the Commanders, has long been considered the worst stadium in the NFL. Snyder had been trying to move the team to Virginia, but off-field headlines stalled any potential progress on getting a new stadium.

Snyder’s mishandling of the team and its finances led other NFL owners to call for him to sell the franchise. If he refused to sell, there would have to be a vote. A majority of the NFL’s 24 owners would have to vote to force Snyder out. Many owners, anonymously, are urging him to sell the team. One remarked: “He has to sell. Some of us have to go to him and tell him he has to sell.” This owner also believes “there will be a move” to force Synders’ hand.

Accusations against Synder and the Commander began on May 2, 2018, when five former Washington Redskins cheerleaders accused the team and its sponsors of sexual harassment and intimidation while on a mandatory team trip to Costa Rica in 2013 in the New York Times. article. One cheerleader remarked, “They didn’t put a gun to our heads, but it was mandatory. They didn’t ask us, we were told.” The women were told to either be topless or wear paint while “entertaining” male sponsors. Nine of the 36 women had to serve as personal escorts for sponsors.

From there, allegations of sexual abuse emerged. Snyder has been accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment, sexual assault and groping. Tiffany Johnson, a former Washington Redskins cheerleader, alleged that Synder harassed her, putting his hand on her thigh and pushing her toward his vehicle, during a team dinner. In June 2022, Synder paid $1.6 million to a woman who accused him of sexual assault on his private jet. He denied these accusations, as well as other accusations against him labeled as “meritless” and “outright lies”.

The team and its members were also accused of sexual harassment by 17 women. Two of the defendants, Alex Santos and Richard Mann II, were fired just four days before the Washington Post article was published. Larry Micheal, senior vice president of play-by-play content and broadcasting, was allowed to retire the day before the article was published. All of the defendants and Snyder himself declined to comment on any of the allegations.

Snyder and his lawyers tried to deflect blame from him and tried to find dirt on other Washington staffers. In doing so, Snyder had his lawyers read over 400,000 emails sent or received by former team president Bruce Allen. Synder was trying to pin Allen on the team’s “toxic work culture.” Nothing was found to convict Allen or exonerate Snyder, but details found in those emails led to the resignation of former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden over his racist, homophobic and sexist language.

Snyder and the Washington football team were fined $10 million by the NFL for a grossly unprofessional environment that included sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation.

Problems arose against Dan Snyder and many are wondering why the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, did not try to oust him. From allegations of sexual harassment to workplace intimidation, the Washington Commanders are in need of organizational change. The best way to complete that change is a complete overhaul, starting with the owner, Daniel Snyder.

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