Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ passion burns bright on his 80th birthday

Jerry Jones would pause to think of a picture of a person or event as he walked down the stairs of his Highland Park home at the breakfast table. A short time later, he will visit the photos of his parents, W. Pat and Arminta, as they get dressed for another day’s work.

Today’s discussion will be a little longer.

It’s not unusual to see Tom Jones or another actor featured on Jerry Jones’ birthday. Not this year. As the owner of the Cowboys – the world’s most important sports franchise – turned 80, he will enjoy a quiet dinner at home with his wife and children, forcing them to endure the news they heard it about 100 times.

He then dives into a piece of carrot cake, surgically changing the sweetness with his fork to increase the amount of icing on the cake, before going to sleep.

The special shows and personal shows that have been shown in the past year have put Jones in a bad position. He lost his dear friends, loved ones and was involved in a car accident.

Anyone else is happy to leave the last 12 months behind. Jones has a different tactic, saying it has gotten worse over the years and urging anyone who wants to arrest him or his family to do so now so they can deal with it and get back to work.

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Speaking of work, the patriarch of the Jones family has expressed his long-term intention to preside over the Cowboys and the rest of his business venture. And he admitted that he doesn’t like getting old.

“Here I am at the age,” Jones said, unable to get the Toby Keith song “Don’t Let the Age in” out of his head.

“I bought the Cowboys when I was 46 years old. I didn’t admit I was too young to do it then and I don’t admit I’m too old to do it now.

“I don’t look at it that way.”

It’s a celebration

October 13 was special to Jones. His grandmother Sarah – remembered for her beautiful smile and long, matted brown hair that reached down to the backs of her calves – was joined on the birthday by one. To see also : Campsites: day 6. His mother celebrated his birthday four days later.

Birthdays aren’t limited to a specific day in the Jones family. It’s more of a season. All are celebrated. That’s why Jerry Jones took a back seat this year.

His wife, Gene, turned 80 on Valentine’s Day.

“We felt Tina deserved to be very happy, for 1,000 reasons,” said Charlotte Jones, the Cowboys’ vice president and general manager.

One of the many reasons is because Jerry likes to let the rest of the family know that Gene is older than him.

“Yeah, but she looks better than him,” Charlotte replied. “I will take mother to take care of him.”

The family started celebrating Gene’s birthday at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. The following month, they held a big celebration in Miami for family and friends.

The biggest party that came in 10 years ago. Not only did Jerry and Gene turn 70, but it marked their 50th wedding anniversary. This is also the year Arminta turned 90; she would die less than two weeks after the party and was laid to rest by her husband’s side at the family’s Buena Vista Farm in Missouri.

A blackout rally was held at AT&T Stadium to bring them all together. Part of the stadium was turned into a supper club with Tom Jones as entertainment.

Ten years earlier, the Jones family hosted “Midnight Training in Georgia.” For her husband’s 60th birthday, Gene threw a James Bond party at their home featuring one of her favorite artists, Gladys Knight.

The family is still talking that evening. Jerry’s favorite part is talking to his grandchildren.

“They all stood up one by one and said that our favorite thing about Papa is that he’s always at our ball games, always at our birthday parties, always at our school or what we do,” said Jones as his voice cracked.

“Well that’s something to make you smile.”

Sunday’s win over the Los Angeles Rams also made Jones smile. He spent the first six years of his life in a $400 house built by his father that would have lived in the shadow of SoFi Stadium. He couldn’t think about that after the Cowboys won 22-10.

It’s an iconic win Jones said, one that continues to ride high on his birthday. But, birthdays are important events to celebrate the family and all that they have achieved together, not for self-aggrandizement.

“I can tell you, I really doubt who said they did it alone,” Jones said. “I look skeptical when people say that.

“I can’t believe that will happen. You are a product of the people who came before you and the people you are working with now.”

“The way you celebrate,” he said, “is not as important as the person you celebrate with.”

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No slowing down

Stephen Jones, the team’s general manager, stood on the Cowboys’ sideline shortly before the game against the Rams. Read also : Are NFL players allowed to date or marry cheerleaders?. His brother Jerry Jr. was by his side.

Did their father notice any parental consent?

“No,” was the answer of the two.

Jerry Jr. the chief executive of sales and marketing. He doesn’t think much of the fact that his father is in his 80s.

“When you sit there and work with him or talk to him, he has as much energy as he did 25 or 30 years ago,” Jerry Jr. said. “His approach and his drive, his desire to keep pushing the envelope is the same as it is.”

That passion and enthusiasm is not limited to the office.

The Jones family was alone at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills the night before the game. After dinner, the group sat in the piano bar. After the last set, Jerry stood up and looked at the rest of the table.

“Where’s next?” he asked with kickoff more than 12 hours away.

Everyone just shook their heads.

“I don’t think his word will go away,” Stephen said of that phrase.

The family likes to say that their father burns the candle at all ends and in the middle. He is not alone.

“We joke when we go on family trips together like, ‘Hey, we can’t sleep in front of Dad,'” Charlotte said. “They are all my parents. Both of them.

“I think this is a true tribute to how much they enjoy life and how much they enjoy spending time with their families.”

“He doesn’t like being old,” said Stephen. “I don’t know many people who do.

“You’ll appreciate it. I know he feels blessed. But in the midst of it, I don’t think he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m 80 years old.

That’s what makes his approach even more impressive. He always sets the tone. Not only does he inflame, but feeds off the energy of those around him who are young.

“Honestly, I don’t think he likes to celebrate the year he’s celebrating,” Charlotte said. “I know for him, and I think this is an amazing character, not to look in the mirror and see the years.

“I think he refuses to look in the mirror.”

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Tough skin

Jones has always shown the ability to take one body after another and keep it going. Read also : NFL World reacts to Cowboys cheerleaders locker room video.

The last year? A $2.4 million settlement was paid in 2016 to Cowboys cheerleaders over a voyeurism charge against a former club official. A 25-year-old mother came forward and claimed Jones was her real father. An ugly divorce between Charlotte and her ex-husband, Shy Anderson, was made public.

Anderson was an all-state wide receiver for Little Rock Catholic High School in his senior year. His quarterback is a sophomore named Stephen Jones. Anderson talked about how his father and Jerry Jones would stand under a pine tree on a hill overlooking the field and watch almost every practice.

Marylyn Love, Jones’ most trusted aide for nearly 43 years, died. He was 80 years old. Good friends John Madden and Larry Lacewell also died. Jones was involved in an accident in May when he hit a car that was acting inappropriately in front of him.

“Maybe I’m too thick-skinned, but I’m not,” Jones said. “This past year wasn’t fun, but by the same token, I guess it’s been my whole life … the early years with the Cowboys, the early years of my work, it scarred me.”

Forbes estimates Jones’ net worth at $8.8 billion. But he admits that he used his financial slip from college and bought the franchise back in ’89. The financial crisis involved in those times, knowing that a mistake or a failure will change the course of his family, is causing him to cry to this day.

“You know, it was very difficult when his mother and father died,” said Stephen. “Some [years] are harder than others. But he is not the kind of person, or any of us, who dwells in evil.

“You’re going to have disappointment, frustration and heartbreak, but don’t let it define you. At the end of the day, you’re going to move on. Think of the positives and keep dialing.

“He’s as well drilled as anyone I’ve seen.”

Jones knows he will lose his dear friends in the coming years. That is not his authority. As for the attacks on him, his family or the franchise, well, he is ready for the fight.

“When I think about this year, I want to say, if there’s anything else, take it all out,” Jones said. “Put it all in the tub. Fill it up. I want to destroy it all, here.

“The next 15 to 20 years, I don’t want anything to stop me.”

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What’s next?

And there you have it. Jones is expected to be a strong leader of this franchise in his 90s.

“It’s the fourth quarter,” Charlotte said. “He’s digging deep. That is endurance, that is patience for when the fight is hard, who will endure.

“That’s a very strong theme for him right now.”

It is natural to wonder how long a person will last in old age. When people ask Stephen, Charlotte or Jerry Jr. how long will their father make the franchise, they laugh.

Ten toes up: The children joke that at that time their father will no longer be involved. Follow that up with questions about what the organization looks like when they leave, and how they feel about it.

A draft plan for the Cowboys and all other teams is filed with the NFL office. Jones did not discuss the specifics publicly, but suggested that the roles his family is currently playing are positive signs.

“The fourth quarter is probably the best in terms of satisfaction and challenges and excitement,” Jerry said. “The last quarter is probably what we will remember the most.”

It is possible. But on the night of his 80th birthday, Jones will sit down and enjoy time with his family before ending the evening with a slice of carrot cake.

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