Gerard Way in a cheerleader outfit hoisting a flamethrower is an immaculate vibe

My Chemical Romance celebrated National Coming Out Day by bringing some non-binary chaos to the stage as a gift.

After a two-year delay, legendary rock band Gerard Way is finally wrapping up the US leg of their reunion tour with five dates at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. But even as the tour is coming to an end, MCR’s legendary talent for drama is still in its usual tone.

When the band took to the stage last night, eagle-eyed fans were delighted that singer Gerard Way, whose pronouns are he / they, took over the famous green and white custom cheerleading uniform, which they debuted at an August concert in Nashville. And then, to the notes of the drone’s hypnotic ambient track playing for at least 10 minutes before each MCR concert, Way raised a flamethrower into the air and wordlessly fired several columns of flames before delivering the weapon to a member. of the crew at the side of the stage.

People love to use the phrase “non-binary vibes” these days, and I’m not a fan of reductive categorization myself when it comes to non-binary identities. But I have to say, not binary or not, this whole thing tastes like gender. The return of the cheerleading outfit is an obvious symptom. But it’s more than that: it’s the outfit, yes, but also the confluence of the drone’s environmental track, the flamethrower, and the total lack of explanation for the flamethrower, which so far hasn’t appeared in … any My Chem show ever. , That I know of. (And trust me, I have extensive knowledge.)

Photo by Timothy Norris / Kia Forum

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