UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer throws punches in the octagon, Gerrit Cole’s red neck and Vols Squirrel tries to bury the tide

Business is business in the sports business

Just wanted to say keep up the great work on the screens. Also wondering, as a Bengals fan, why do you post so many Dallas cheer pictures. Read also : 2021 Patriots Cheerleaders Year in Review. I’m an Eagles fan and would love to see some Eagles inspiration pictures.

There is a very good answer to this one, Abner. Millions and millions of people around the world will be rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. At the end of the day, the clicks pay my salary, and as much as I want to be fair & Balanced here so there is something for everyone, Cowboys cheerleaders will cause traffic explosions that get Internet administrators happy.

In 2021, Forbes named the Cowboys the world’s most valuable sports team at $5.7 billion. Yes, the list includes European football teams.

It would be business suicide not to follow the Dallas Cowboys traffic wave, especially when they are winning. It is also important to ride those waves when they are losing. This is why you’ve visited Cowboys content on every sports show on the planet. That’s why Screamin’ A. Smith goes to Dallas to follow Cowboys fans on live TV. It’s why the Cowboys play so many early games. It’s why Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have worked hundreds of thousands of Cowboys games on Fox.

The eyeballs are equal. Pricing equates to higher advertising dollars. Dollar ad makes shareholders happy. Employees pay the mortgage.

Attn: Read this if you have outside patio lights

Eddie in Acworth, GA wrote: To see also : Applications open for the 2022 Cheer Clinic – Illinois State University Athletics.

I’m sure many of your readers have outdoor lights (ours are pictured here) that are on around the clock and run on pretty high-priced extension cords on patios.

A word of warning- DO NOT DO THIS. We’ve had our lights on for years with zero problems—until we had one. The pictures are telling—apparently the connection wasn’t real and it lit up our tree. To make matters worse, my wife and I were out of town, and we were contacted by our sons who were home at the time of the fire – they were on the other side of the house and didn’t notice. Luckily, a neighbor (thanks ROBBIE!) happened to be driving by and saw the smoke and called the fire department. He saved our house from burning down. We just lost some pieces of molding on the side of our house- and the fire department took it out about 5′ from the deck!

So now we only use the outdoor lights manually. Yes the drain lines are still running – but we turn them on and off as needed – no electricity with them around the clock while we are away.

Thanks as always for your great columns and community. I feel this is the exact type of information you and the community need! COURAGE AND CULTURE TO FOLLOW!!

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Hildeeeeee and a reader who’s taking patio projects to the next level

• J.T. N. of Massachusetts wrote: This may interest you : The historic Garland restaurant — where Chuck Norris filmed the TV show — has closed.

I know this is late but we have been busy…

#1 Hildee has a distracting belly button. I mentioned the first bikini photos. Beautiful, yes, but she’s John Stamos’ female (look at his BB it’s terrible). It’s like the knee from Austin Powers, when you see that’s where you look, it’s distracting…

#2 I’m not sure if you care, but for the next SC I’d like to see what kind of traffic we get to our website. Here are two beautiful projects… Thanks forever for telling me we will completely build you a wonderful light, we travel (in fact we are going to Sea Island, GA next year so Ohio is not too far from us).

However we are proud of our work and proud of our craftsmanship. I think the SC community will appreciate what we do.

Riverside Conservatory in York, ME

Two-Tier Oceanfront Conservatory in Hampton, NH

Carlisle Swimming Pool Enclosure

If someone reaches out from SC then I will bend over backwards to make it work…

Keep grinding, more people are reading it every day and it’s constantly growing, happy to know that there are still some of us normal Americans out there.

Feel free to get in touch when looking for the last part of the Kinsey mansion, the Conservatory…

I love the way J.T. think. Here is the protection he is talking about. I could see this coming out of my .33-acre yard. What a beautiful place it will be in the summer when I want to blog, but I don’t want to deal with hives.

In fact, Mrs. Screencaps has always been a conservative fan of this from J.T. A portfolio may be a little more true to our position. For one thing, how do you clean the glass when the birds start dropping on the beautiful glass?

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Beau in Toledo is gaining support for his late-night, possibly buzzed emails

Adam from Nebraska is Team Beau:

Not sure who the unknown killer of Beau was on Screencaps Tuesday morning.

I’m all for late night emails. I read Beau’s emails like Mean Gene has a microphone in his face. Try that next time.

Also, Beau H8tr didn’t exactly pay proper respect to our queen, Ms. Paigeviews.

Bengals fan Mark D., who famously started Hildeeeee’s belly button drama, wrote:

Mark D here. Please tell Beau that he is a good man to admit that he fired the first salvo at me about “Hildeegate” and I would also like to tell him that I don’t need to get back at him. The screen community didn’t need to see me and Beau fighting like two young boppers fighting over who’s cuter the Beebs or Harry Styles.

For my part, I apologize to Beau and the community and enjoy speaking out. In the future I will do what I do 99.9% of the time which is laugh and ignore said response. Beau I look forward to seeing that Insta account with the Hildee pit hub as your profile picture. Lol. Thanks for everything you create Joe. I promise in the future to do my part to protect it.

Any thoughts on maybe next summer having a big meeting somewhere where the community can try to meet? I know you have a golf tournament but it would be awesome to have a bunch of “Screencappers” taking over a park one day. Just wondering.

Some of you need to keep Put-in-Bay on your radar next summer. We got a few screen shots that came out in July and it was an amazing time. That said, I received an email from a Myrtle Beach golf representative. I wonder how many readers in Georgia will shoot there on the beach for a conference.

Houston “The Space City”

• Danny W., a local pilot who can take photos of your city while flying around the country, writes:

This is for Domestic Terror formerly known as Beau in Toledo. Sunrise in Houston. No Instagram or iPhone filters were used for this shot.

I bet Chris B. in Houston who was messaging me last night on Instagram would appreciate this submission.

The Ts take on Europe

Mike T. from Eagle, Idaho and Cindy T. are off to a hot start. This is better than Rick Steves on PBS at 2:00

I brought it to our new home for the next 9 days, La Morra, Italy. La Morra is located in the northwest of Italy. It is located in the Piedmont region of Italy, famous for its Barolo wine. Barolo is a heavy red, made from the Nebbiolo grape, delicious!

On the way from Frankfurt we went through Switzerland, a beautiful country. Don’t forget to buy your car a Vignette (Swiss driving card) for €40.

$170k in car loans – lol

On Tuesday Screencaps, I featured a person who wants to know if he/she needs professional help after taking out a $170k car loan while making a $350k annual salary.

I’m not sure how that person managed to land a $350k a year job because the intelligence is clearly not there. Even if you want an EV, there are several options that allow you to buy 2 cars for less than $100k, even if you are limited to new cars.

This is someone who is clearly more concerned with appearances (and keeping up with the Joneses) than making smart personal decisions. With that annual income, live below your means for 5 years and then you will have enough cash to buy what you want.

Shirt ideas

• Jim M. isn’t afraid to throw out an idea. He even created art:

Neyland newbie needs advice

• Jake D. from Northeast wrote:

Went down to the Sat game with an old friend who graduated from there. Amazingly they had a non-stop from Boston to Knoxville, so great.

What should I do or see around the airport if I have 24 hours?

The only time I attended a game at Neyland, I ended up drinking on the houseboat satellite and it was a great time hanging out with wonderful people who rented out their space for sporting events on the Tennessee River. I would do that special experience again in a heartbeat.

What a vision. What a fun group of people.

Woodpiles & what’s up with tattoos?

• Sean K. stokes the flames with another wooden email:

Joe, I’d just like to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by all the lumber discussions. I’ve got some great ideas for my personal archive that I’m building. Full disclosure: I’ve burned wood for years and have my chimney cleaned every year to prevent chimney fires (which, as a reader stressed, is no joke and dangerous). I just didn’t want to fill my truck (where I put a bunch of saplings every winter) with wood chips. I’d still like to use it to keep the snow out of my minivan (yes, I’m going to drive one of these until I die. But you knew that)

I wanted to ask another question to the Screencaps community about tattoos. Tats I feel are getting out of control. Back in the day a shoulder tattoo indicating military service, etc., would have been acceptable. Tats appearing on the arms and neck and everywhere else; A big NO. It’s not just a full body part that looks great now, I’m now feeling a growing love for words and expressions in boy spaces (the IG model Katy Joraelyn from Tuesday ‘Caps comes to mind). How do the ‘Caps’ community feel about tattoos? What is acceptable? Have we gone too far? What is ink? However, just amazing.

As always, thanks for doing what you do. To think Mike & Cindy T. will spread ‘Caps & amp; The story of TNML across Europe! I really hope they win some new ones abroad!

I blame Pam Anderson for raising all the women. We were off to the races with one scrap of wire. My biggest question about the tats is where do people get the money to do it all, but they live in a shithole and their kids wear shithole clothes. And then the shithole people think the world is out to get them and their children.

Full disclosure: I am nothing. I don’t want a tat gun shooting ink into my skin. It’s hard to put a needle on it. I’m not willing to pay to have an eagle perched on my shoulder.

This topic has a chance to go completely off the rails, but I’m here for it. Share your thoughts on tats. Let’s see where this goes. Rate your favorite tat sites and tat themes.

That’s enough for this morning. I can’t give you guys too many topics because the email inbox ends up being pages long. Wait until I start forwarding these emails to Geoff R. guns in Tennessee. He is undergoing treatment.

Let’s have a wonderful day. It just feels like it’s going to be one of the best Wednesdays of the fall.

Numbers from :

Yordan Alvarez of the @astros is the first MLB player in postseason history to hit a walk-off HR while his team is trailing by multiple runs.

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

“There are unique hazards on the Estes Park golf course that are not encountered anywhere else. 10-10-2022.”

📸: Reid Neureiter – Discover Colorado | With your photos pic.twitter.com/7PlfQDsRCf

The votes are in- you decide to upgrade to a fish class & fly w/ 747!

The 747 was considered to be an order of magnitude larger than the 901, which experienced stomach upsets. 901 is off to a strong start in her 1st #FatBearWeek appearance. Expect great things in the future! pic.twitter.com/i6IPy2ajEw

Today is the first time a car has been able to drive on Sanibel Island Road since Hurricane Ian. The approval of this convoy of energy workers is an important step, as workers can now prepare the island for citizens to return home. Public access is expected on October 21. pic.twitter.com/Tn8eTt45fW

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