UTPB Falcon Cheer hosting cheer booth to raise money for nationals

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – In late August, the UTPB Falcon cheer team received a bid for nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Now they are raising the money to get to the competition next year.

“It’s the largest collegiate cheerleading competition in the nation,” said UTPB Spirit Coordinator Terry Lynn Lane.

For Lane and her team, everything comes together.

“We had nine cheerleaders last year, and we have 30 cheerleaders this year,” she said.

Getting thirty cheerleaders to NCA Nationals in April isn’t cheap. So, the team is hosting a children’s cheerleader on October 22nd to raise money.

“It’s been fun watching the program grow,” Lane said. “I’m really excited for them to get their feet wet in the competitive world.”

Lane became a guiding force for the cheer team during its radical growth and transition.

“Even on our bad days, she’s always motivating us, helping us get better, no matter what the outcome,” cheerleader Jericho Florez said.

That work ethic and passion comes from Lane’s love for the sport and her athletes.

“There are no nice uniforms and pictures to post,” cheerleader Shealynn Rogers said. “We work hard. We are sweating. We give blood. We get injuries. We go through everything. It is “very challenging.”

The clinic has routines that will be organized by age group.

Children ages three and up will learn the routine and perform during halftime of UTPB football.

The deadline to register is October 15. More information can be found on the UTPB Cheer Instagram page.

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