What went wrong compared to the Saints, how the Falcons beat the losses | The Falcon’s Final Whistle

Scott, Ashton and Tori analyzed the reported Deion Jones trade, in which the Falcons transferred the veteran midfielder to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night. We outline the details of the deal and how it benefits the Falcons, plus we cover Deion Jones’ career in Atlanta. Then we get to the big moment of the day, the 21-15 loss to Tampa Bay, and the passing penalty that proved costly for the Falcons’ hopes of a comeback. We also talked about the Falcons problem early in the game, and how upgrading it can save Atlanta from trouble late in the game.

(00:01:16): Details the Deion Jones trade reported to Cleveland and what it means

(00:07:45): ILB State of Falcons after Deion Jones trade

(00:09:13): Praising Deion Jones’ time in Atlanta

(00:11:15): Destroyed Grady Jarrett with minimal punishment, what’s said about that

(00:22:28): How Falcons doing better early can avoid problems late in the game

(00:26:00): Playing without Kyle Pitts, Cordarrelle Patterson

(00:28:49): What should the Falcons improve to progress

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