A crucial catch indeed

Cancer affects everyone. Whether it’s you, a family member, or a friend, we all have stories related to the toll cancer has taken. Many of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders are among those with personal stories to tell.

Along with the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles are supporting the Crucial Catch initiative to make sure you and everyone else knows the stats and can find preventative treatment.

Cancer is devastating. It affects millions in the United States each year. It affects millions more who help those who are going through the battle. No one can win a battle alone. Without support, we cannot win.

“Last January, we lost my stepfather to brain cancer. He was previously diagnosed with lung cancer, had it surgically removed and was assumed to be in remission. They did not complete a full body scan to see if the cancer had spread and unfortunately , when it was found, he only had weeks to live NFL and Philadelphia Eagles dedicate a game to cancer awareness and prevention means a lot to our family and many other families like ours who have been affected by cancer in some way.

“Many people are hesitant to schedule cancer screenings because they are afraid of getting bad news. I hope this game encourages people to get routine screenings to help detect cancer at an early stage. Early detection increases the chances of successful treatment.” against cancer and is an important part of healthcare in general. I am proud to be part of an organization that brings so much awareness to such a special cause. This game is in honor of my stepfather and mother who continue to inspire me with their strength in such a difficult situation. healing time”. – Cailin

“I think it’s very important that not only the Eagles put on a game dedicated to cancer prevention and awareness, but also the entire NFL. Last year, my world was rocked when we found out my Nana was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took us by surprise because not long after she came into town to help my dad and I after their emergency surgery, we were given the shocking news: my Nana, Stephanie Everette, is the matriarch of the family for part of my dad. She is the boldest, sweetest, strongest person I know. During her chemotherapy treatments, my dad and I would visit her in Pittsburgh once or twice a month over the course of May during her final treatment in October. October 11, 2021 My Nana finished her final treatment and beat ovarian cancer My teammates were so supportive and encouraging to me and my family through those difficult months and always checking in I can d ed this game of Crucial Catch dancing in honor of my Nana”. –Taylor

“The Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL providing cancer prevention and awareness is important to our community and to NFL fans around the world. Globally, millions of people and their families are affected by cancer every day.” I have lost many people in my life.” who suffered from this disease, and I have many friends who lost loved ones. This disease has been close to home for me, not only with one of my parents but with both of my parents being diagnosed with different forms of cancer. My mother and father are my heroes, and they inspire me every day, no matter how difficult their battles and struggles have been, they are fortunate to have come out stronger and to be able to say today that they are cancer free.

“Unfortunately, many people do not have the same story. Cancer is extremely devastating and life changing for many people. There is much we can do as a community to help raise awareness for those in need and I am honored to help as much as possible.” “The Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL bringing this awareness to light is very empowering and making a huge difference in our community. I am looking forward to dedicating this game to cancer prevention and awareness and am honored to perform for my parents.” . and everyone else who has been affected by cancer.” -Ashley

“Given that cancer is sadly common today, it is very important to me that the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL dedicate games to cancer prevention and awareness, especially as someone whose cancer has affected members of their my family and the families of my friends. It is particularly important to me. that my mother, a recent breast cancer survivor, will be in the stadium for the Crucial Catch game experiencing all the measures the NFL is creating to raise awareness and that it truly “takes all of us” to get through this battle. More importantly, no one is ever alone, and these games are aimed at a large population of fans where we can recognize public health issues and various types of cancer to take preventative care. Cancer awareness is the first step in early detection to catch the disease when it is most treatable. I am happy to be part of an organization that emphasizes mutual support through cancer awareness and prevention efforts.” – Kira

“Cancer changes the lives of everyone it affects. It affects so many people in some way, whether they are struggling personally or supporting a struggling family member or friend. As a family member of many who have battled cancer , it is extremely important to me that the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL dedicate a game and messages to cancer prevention and awareness. Football brings people together. The camaraderie of sport allows the NFL to use its platform to reach fans around the world with essential messages, such as early detection of cancer prevention.

“To fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, our football team represents hope, perseverance, struggle and a never-give-up attitude. The Eagles’ support of cancer awareness and prevention brings optimism and a fighter’s mindset to those who are battling this disease.My dad has been a season ticket member and die-hard Eagles fan for over 45 years.Because he was screened early when he first started seeing symptoms, he battled prostate cancer And he can still watch the Eagles fight every Sunday. Beyond that, he can watch his daughter live out her dream of cheering professionally at Lincoln Financial Field.” – Cassie

“It is extremely important that the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles have a game dedicated to cancer prevention and awareness. It is estimated that approximately 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2022 (according to the American Cancer Society). cure , cancer is still a life threatening disease for many people and impacts the families and friends of those people. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, so I have personally experienced how cancer affects people. Although my Mom survived, there are many who don’t. That’s why it’s so necessary and incredible that the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles are spreading awareness to inspire more people to help find a cure for this disease.” – Victory

What is cancer? It is a terrible disease. He doesn’t care how rich you are. He doesn’t care about your race or gender. Anyone can get it. From skin cancer to breast cancer to lung cancer and more, millions die each year from this disease. Early detection does a lot to change the prognosis of patients. It leads to faster treatment and more success in defeating the disease. With the Crucial Catch initiative, the Eagles and the NFL hope to make prevention and awareness a priority.

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