From Tom Brady’s Sons to Patrick Mahomes’ Daughter: Meet the Cutest NFL Dad Cheerleaders

Vivian, Ben and Jack Brady

Throughout Tom Brady’s historic career, he’s been fortunate enough to look over the sidelines and see his three kids cheering him on. Read also : Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders bungee jump from the top of their stadium. The quarterback is father to daughter Vivian, 9, and sons Ben, 12, and Jack, 15.

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Sterling Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has a little cheerleader on his hands! Sterling’s 19-month-old daughter hit the sidelines for the first time this season to cheer on the midfielder’s dad as he played. To see also : Roster Moves: OL and DE/OLB claimed, K Matthew Wright waived. Patrick and current Kansas City Co-owner Brittany Mahomes are expecting a baby boy early next year.

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Sienna and Win Wilson and Future Wilburn

Russell Wilson is all about sharing the game with his kids. This may interest you : Comments off the border rob the NFL sexism. daughter Sienna, 5, son Win, 2, and stepson Future, 8, have all been there to cheer him on through his move to the Denver Broncos.

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Hudson Trubisky

Mitch Trubisky is hitting the field as a father for the first time this season after he and his wife Hillary Trubisky welcomed son Hudson in May.

Mack Wilson Jr.

Mack Wilson watched his son, now 14 months, take his first steps at Gillette Stadium in the preseason, so there’s no doubt his little one will have plenty of memorable football moments.

Brooklyn, Deakon, Deker and Dallas Carr

Derek Carr’s kids are seriously dedicated to life on the sidelines. He is father to daughter Brooklyn Mae, 21 months, and sons Deakon Derek, 3, Deker Luke, 6, and Dallas Mason, 9.

Dezi and Daija Adams

Davante and Devanne Adams’ two little girls, 5-month-old Dezi and 3-year-old Daija, proudly cheer on their wide receiver father in the Las Vegas Raiders game.

Logan and Brayden Watt

Derek Watt and his wife Gabriella shared scenes from the family’s football season, showing their two children – Brayden, 21 months, and Logan, 3 – proudly supporting their dad fullback.

Cash Cole

Mason Cole recently announced he is going to be a father of two! He and his wife Madiun are parents to a son Cash, 21 months old.

Jayce Smith

Jeff Smith Jr. is enjoying his first season as a dad! Son Jayce is only 11 weeks old but he’s already playing his first soccer game!

Nazaneen and Nezerah Coleman

Tevin Coleman’s twins, Nazaneen and Nezerah, are 4 months old next month and have been sharing adorable moments supporting dad both on and off the field.

Arielle Melody Moore

DJ Moore’s daughter, Ari, is one of the biggest fans of the wide receiver at almost 3 years old.

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