NBA Cheerleaders Salary: How Much Money Do Dance Teams Make?

Professional and college basketball games would not be the same without their cheerleaders. Not only do they put on electrifying shows, but they are also essential in bringing competitive energy to the stadium.

It may be easy to think that cheerleaders are paid large sums of money for being on the court providing entertainment for basketball fans, but that is far from the truth.

Average salary for NBA cheerleaders

Most, if not all, of the cheerleaders in the NBA are very skilled dancers. On the same subject : 2022 NFL Draft Impact: Carolina Panthers. They are professionally trained in highly technical dance routines and help make the NBA games tick with the atmosphere the fans need in the arena.

They exercise daily, maintain an active lifestyle, and practice their habits regularly. Therefore, they perform at regular NBA games, the NBA All-Star game (depending on the location of the team), and other events that are part of their team’s calendar of events.

In order for these dancers to qualify as NBA cheerleaders, they need to prepare to meet the high expectations of what it takes to be a professional NBA cheerleader. That includes being talented dancers, hard working and available for them when called upon. Some people even claim that it is difficult for cheerleaders to accept other professions if they wish to go full time as an NBA cheerleader.

Cheerleaders also follow their respective teams to ‘special events’ which may include international appearances, charity events, and other special appearances. The compensation for these events varies from one team to another. Teams with more money can pay their cheerleaders higher salaries than usual, while less popular teams pay lower amounts.

The New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks cheer squads are the highest paid cheerleaders in the NBA, making between $200 and $650 per game. They also get bonuses that can reach up to $2000, with an annual salary of $35,000.

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Let’s take a look at an overview of what the salary is for each game, how much the bonus pay is, and the annual salary:

Cleveland Cavaliers Cheerleaders

Los Angeles Clippers Cheerleaders

Minnesota Timberwolves Cheerleaders

Cheers Golden State Warriors

Cheerleaders Thunder City Oklahoma

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