NFL cheerleaders pay $3.3 million over locker room filming scandal

The Dallas Cowboys reportedly paid a combined $2.4 million (AU$3.3 million) to four cheerleaders who accused a high-ranking team official of secretly watching them undress without their knowledge in 2015.

According to ESPN, one of the cheerleaders alleges she saw Richard Dalrymple, the team’s senior vice president for public relations and communications, standing behind a partial wall and watching them undress with his iPhone “stretched toward them.”

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ESPN has yet to release the names of the four cheerleaders who received settlements.

Dalrymple is also accused of taking the ‘top’ photo of team owner Jerry Jones’ daughter, Cowboys senior vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson.

Dalrymple, who retired earlier this month after 32 years with the Cowboys, said in a statement that he denies all charges.

“People who know me, my co-workers, the media and colleagues know who I am and what I am about,” Dalrymple said.

“I understand the very serious nature of these claims and do not take them lightly. However, the accusations were false.

“One was accidental and the other didn’t happen. Everything that was alleged was thoroughly investigated many years ago, and I cooperate fully.”

Cowboys told ESPN that both incidents were investigated and no evidence of wrongdoing was found.

The alleged voyeurism incident occurred during a charity lunch in September 2015.

The four cheerleaders reportedly attended, put on their uniforms during the presentation on stage, and then went to their locker rooms to change so they could attend the actual lunch.

Only one security guard was present on a day when two people usually stood near two different entrances to the locker room.

Dalrymple allegedly entered an unattended door, which was reportedly only accessible with a key card (which Dalrymple had). The door led to a corner separated from the dressing room by a partial wall.

According to a lawyer’s letter obtained by ESPN as well as various sources, the women heard the door open and shouted, “We’re here!” They reportedly thought it was a security guard and thought he had left.

“Minutes later, one of the cheerleaders saw a man’s hand and a black cell phone pointing at them, according to multiple sources,” reports ESPN.

“At that point, the women went ‘from fully clothed to completely undressed,’ a cheerleader later told a Cowboys HR official and team general counsel, Jason Cohen. The cheerleader who saw the cell phone believed the man was stalking and took a photo. or their videos, according to various sources.

“The woman ran up to him, screaming, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ The cheerleader, a veteran of several years on the team, immediately recognized Dalrymple, who she said ran away, according to the letter. The other women didn’t see the man, according to the letter.”

Richard Dalrymple also accused of ‘upskirt’ photo

Jim Wilkinson, a communications consultant for the team, said “the investigation was handled in a manner consistent with legal and HR best practice and the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. Read also : Camp Overview: Day 5.”

“If any errors are found, Rich will be dismissed immediately.”

Dalrymple reportedly admitted that he used his keycard to enter the locker room, but said it was only to use the bathroom.

While searching for evidence of another incident involving Dalrymple, one of the cheerleaders reportedly came across a post on Facebook from ‘lifelong fan’ Randy Horton stating that he saw Dalrymple snap some photos of the top of the Charlotte Jones Anderson skirt in the team’s designed warroom livestream.

“I will never forget what I saw,” Horton told ESPN. “The first time he reached out from a sitting position behind him, and he stood with his back to him, and did it once … He looked at the screen, touched the screen and then did it again.

“The second time, he was sitting in a chair in the corner of the table on the left and he was holding his phone under the corner of the table with the camera side up where he was standing. And did it again.

“I have no doubts in my mind about what he did. That’s clear.”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with his daughter Charlotte Jones Anderson and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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Cowboys cheerleaders received $3.3 million payout

ESPN reports that the cheerleaders eventually opted to settle down with the team, and the four ended up being paid nearly $550,000 each. See the article : Free Colts viewing party set for Oct. 6 at Carmel Midtown Plaza – Hamilton County Reporter.

But cheerleaders and their partners must sign a confidentiality agreement and are prohibited from talking about locker room incidents or war room incidents unless they are subpoenaed.

Jones, his two sons, daughter and Dalrymple all reportedly signed the agreement, which denies any wrongdoing.

Dalrymple continued to work for the Cowboys for six years until he retired in early February.

According to ESPN, his resignation was announced around the time they started asking questions about the settlement and related incidents.

No retirement announcements have been made, and no team official has publicly thanked him for his years of service.

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