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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get to it…

You were pretty much right about everything. Good close game to the end, the defense really helped us stay in it. Inconsistent play from a new team. There’s always next week!

I don’t know if I was right or wrong. I honestly can’t even remember the question. What I do know is the Jaguars’ 28-22 loss to the Washington Commanders on Sunday played out the way I expected it to and it kind of surprised me, which is normal for an NFL regular season starter . My biggest quick takeaway was that it was impressive for the Jaguars to respond to a lot of first half mistakes/missed opportunities and rally from a disheartening 14-3 halftime deficit with one of this team’s strongest stretches in recent memory to start the second half time. . My second biggest quick-trigger takeaway is considering how well the defense did in the preseason, you thought it would hold an eight-point lead in the fourth quarter. Bottom line: This was Week 1. This team is improved, and there was a lot Sunday to build off of. And there is much hope for the long term. But the Jaguars also need to stop making avoidable mistakes to get better immediate results.

So even with a season-opening loss, the Jaguars are only a half game out of first place in the division. You’ve written that Week 1 in the NFL can be weird, but would you have guessed?

Would I have guessed? No, because I wouldn’t have thought of the possibility. But was I surprised that the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans tied? And that the Tennessee Titans lost? No, I wasn’t surprised. Nothing is really surprising in Week 1 of the NFL.

I’m not sure I understand the big investment in linebackers when the lines are both clear problems.

Did you see Travon Walker and Devin Lloyd play on Sunday?

ShanghaiStevie from Jacksonville

“You’ve got to have a franchise quarterback to win in this league…” We’ve had the guy for a year plus. We are still terrible. We played a garbage team with a garbage quarterback in his first year in a system. Got our ass handed to us. Being a Jags fan stinks; $1,000 in the hole when they travel to see a team lay an egg. Garbage, garbage, garbage. Terrible, terrible football against a team we should have beaten. So many years you, Ozone, have blamed ineptitude on a lack of a quarterback. Now what can you blame it on? Shad Khan is a terrible NFL owner, unless you judge by profits over a quality product. Shame on everyone associated with the team. Trash. I want my money back.

I’ll admit to being a bit surprised by the anger and turmoil in the inbox on Sunday night, although given the high expectations of recent weeks perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised. The Jaguars were really bad the past two seasons. They are better now. It’s hard to go from really bad to really good in one game. I saw a lot of good things on Sunday, much more positive than negative. I care a lot more about the future of this team than I have in a long time. I guess Steve doesn’t want to hear that right now.

After spending my hard earned dollar on a road trip, I’m disappointed but not dead k.

Well, we’re going to celebrate that today.

Did you see enough great throws from Lawrence to make you think he’s the franchise guy against Washington? I saw several missed throws by Lawrence and several times that Zay Jones was open and not targeted.

I watch Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence up close every game. I don’t expect to know beyond a reasonable doubt based on a single play – or group of throws in a game – whether he’s the franchise guy. I strongly believe he will be very, very good. Other than that, I look like everyone else.

A very Jekyll and Hyde feel for the first game of the season. While still a loss, this felt different because it was a competitive game; and if they didn’t miss a few opportunities, they would have protected more of a lead. thoughts?

I think we saw the same match.

The same as it ever was, Zone. The defense can’t hold a lead, Trevor makes a bad decision trying to be the hero, and someone commits a leg-head penalty when we absolutely can’t afford one. Who knew Groundhog Day was in September?

I have been accused in the aftermath of Sunday’s game of being too positive about this loss. This is possible. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not flawless – and I graded the Jaguars on Sunday on something of a curve because I was looking for improvement, not greatness. But basket or not, I don’t see Sunday’s game as “the same as it ever was.” The Jaguars had a rough start on Sunday. And it looked in the first half as if the game was getting out of hand. But the Jaguars took control of the game from the second quarter until about midway through the fourth. They blew too many red zone opportunities in the first half. They couldn’t hold a late lead. But this was a team that had been abysmal the past two seasons. They haven’t won away from home since 2019. They didn’t win on Sunday, but they were competitive and it could be argued that they should have won. They looked like a better team for a long time. It wasn’t enough, but it didn’t feel like Groundhog Day.

Worst game I’ve ever seen. I’m not wasting three hours of my Sunday on this garbage until they can prove they can play. Maybe you could email me in early November and let me know how the teams are doing.

I understand frustration. But if that was the worst game you’ve ever seen, you haven’t seen the Jaguars play in recent seasons.

Let me spare you…Missed opportunities. The game…

Remember, there are no moral victories in the NFL. This is a results business and a loss is still a loss.

The Jaguars ran the ball, stopped the run and won the turnover game, but didn’t win the game. Why? Did having three times as many penalties as Washington cost the Jags a win?

It did not help. But giving up a 49-yard rushing touchdown pass after taking an eight-point lead hurt worse. And getting just three points on three trips into the red zone in the first half? Well, that may have been the most unfriendly cut of all.

It was nice to have a lead in the fourth quarter. Progress.

Yes it was. It is not enough. Not for fans. Not for the coaches. Not for the players. But this team looks better now than most games last season. If you pull back from the disappointment of losing, it’s clear that this feels like a team moving in the right direction.

KOAF – I thought the Jags showed a good amount of determination after falling behind early 14-3. This offense certainly has signs of explosiveness, and the defense can certainly create some turnovers. Despite the loss, do you still see the Jaguars as a 6-8 win team?

Vision and accuracy are the two things I want to see with Trevor this season. It’s not that big QBs can’t struggle, but his accuracy, especially on the easy ones, has been poor at times.

I seem to remember writing or saying this several times since the Jaguars selected Lawrence No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Maybe not. Regardless, the point here is that there’s a decent chance fans and observers will be frustrated with Lawrence at times in terms of accuracy, especially early in his career. I don’t know that he’s going to be uber-accurate compared to a lot of uber-accurate quarterbacks. Part of that is because he tends to throw downfield a lot, but part is that he seems to miss some easy throws at times. That doesn’t make him a bad quarterback. That doesn’t mean he can’t improve on that accuracy, and it doesn’t mean he can’t be successful at his current level of accuracy. He also makes some big throws and has some really hot streaks – as was the case Sunday in several situations. But yeah… it will be something to watch. I wouldn’t call his accuracy “bad” Sunday overall. I’d say he’s missed some throws he needs to make.

The first half was very classic Jaguars football. However, I can give credit where it’s due. Our second half was much, much better. However, if you are plus-two in the turnover category, you are not supposed to lose a game. I saw some glimpses of progress. It will be a very frustrating season and a rewarding season at the same time.

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